05 January 2015

The Books, The Tech, The Light Bites

Struggling to decide what to pack into that carry on for your next trip? Here are some of our books, tech and light bite highlights that we have enjoyed on our most recent travels. Stay tuned for some more of our favourites!

 Banner Image Credit: iStock.com/happydancing 

The Books – Lingo: A Language Spotters Guide To Europe By Gaston Dorren

From Baedeker to Lonely Planet, thousands of tour books have guided readers around Europe, but none have taken you on a journey quite like Lingo. Gaston Dorren journeys along the continent via its 60 present day languages and dialects.

The book is filled with the writer’s insightful and rather humorous opinions – Esperanto is a bizarre mash-up of other continental languages, whilst English is a kleptomaniac language. For a fun lesson in etymology, and a tour of Europe with a twist, this is the book to pack for your travels.

Lingo: Profile Books Publishers

The Tech – 180s Bluetooth Gen 2

In 2015, wearable tech takes fashion to a new level. These rather ingenious Bluetooth earmuffs serve two purposes. Wrapped around your head and over the ears, they act as a warm protection from the cold, and can even be adjusted to fit under your ski helmet.

Secondly, they’re headphones that can stream music from your phone using Siri or a voice activation from Google Now. It’s the perfect piece of kit for when you want to hear some tunes as you pivot your way down the slopes. They’ll keep your ears looking stylish too.

180s Wearable Technology 

The Light Bites – Nākd Bars

A new year almost always brings resolutions to eat more healthily. Luckily in this day and age healthy doesn’t mean tasteless. Made from natural ingredients, including fruit and nuts, and no added sugar Nākd bars are ideal for a quick snack on the road. Flavours include cashew cookie, pecan pie and mocha. They also happen to be gluten, wheat and dairy free.

This snack will keep you going on a road trip and won’t make you crave the chocolate and crisps at any filling stations along the way. Here’s to a sweet, satisfying and guilt-free start to the New Year.

Nākd Bars

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