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car speeding
28 August 2015

The Cost Of Speeding Around The World

Did you know in certain countries your speeding fine is dependent on how much you earn? No? You do now...

25 June 2015

How To Plan An Itinerary For Independent Travel

Travel writer Antonia Windsor highlights the must-haves for solo travel.

camping banner
27 May 2015

How To Pack For Camping Travel

The travel-savvy packing guide to all those camping essentials. From the tent and the torch, to the marshmallows and marmite - we've got you covered.

A writing pad with scribbles on it.
24 April 2015

Life’s Most Important Questions…Answered

Six formulas to answer those all important life questions.

Image of several metallic pieces from a mobile phone.
17 April 2015

Best New Gadgets for Frequent Travellers

If you consider yourself a frequent traveler, then make sure you have the newest and coolest gadgets for 2015.

Image of airport schedule board
12 March 2015

Things to do Between Business Meetings

Discover Europe’s key business cities with an array of choice on how to spend those spare hours in between meetings on your next trip.

A man sitting at a table in front of his laptop holding an iPhone.
12 January 2015

Smart Travel at Your Fingertips

From the planning to packing and managing your bookings, here are our top travel app recommendations for 2015.

View of an empty rugby stadium.
10 February 2015

Evolution: Rugby and Technology

Rugby meets Technology - An exploration of the evolution of the sport on and off the pitch!

A couple sitting together overlooking a river.
10 February 2015

Our Top Five Most Romantic Places To Propose

Looking for some romantic inspiration? Here is a list of some of our top tips for the most romantic places to propose to around the world.

A ski lift across a valley
12 January 2015

Preparing for Ski Season

Getting ready for ski season? Check out our ski savvy guide to help you pack all the necessities for your trip to the slopes.

Laptop and coffee
05 January 2015

The Books, the Tech, the Light Bites

Struggling to decide what to pack into that carry on for your next trip? Here are some of our favourites.

04 November 2014

Christmas Business Trip Packing

Packing is one of the least favoured chores when preparing for any type of journey. Have these top tips to hand before you set off on your business travels.

Christmas Packing Tips- Avis Car Hire
03 November 2014

Seasonal Holiday Packing Tips

You might not think it’s possible to pack light over the Christmas season with the multitude of presents in tow, but here are some tips on how to become a packing guru.

Christmas Playlist- Avis Car Hire
03 November 2014

A Christmas Road Trip Playlist

No Christmas road trip is complete without the perfect playlist. Here’s how to create your illustrious selection for your drive home this season!