Road Trips

A road framed with thick trees building a canopy over the road.
09 February 2015

Discover Kingslanding in Northern Ireland

A trip across Northern Ireland Derry to Belfast - visiting the fictional continent of Westeros from the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones!

A row of houses set near the water with green hills in the backdrop. On water there are several boats.
13 March 2015

To Ski or Sitesee – in Norway

A road trip which takes provides you with an array of options from snowboarding to cross-country skiing to stunning sites and fjords across Norway.

View of the White House, Washington, at sunset .
12 March 2015

A Road Trip from Capital to Capital

A journey leading from Washington DC and the Capital Region up to irrepressible New York, it’s a drive that combines history with the pulse of modern life.

Close-up of a boat on water.
05 February 2015

A Road Trip around an Island in the Sun

A journey around the island of Majorca - stopping off at the vibrant capital, curving up towards the north coast before heading west bound.

Bird's eye view of Copenhagen
11 February 2015

A Road Trip across the Scandinavian Border

A trip that traces the shore of the Baltic Sea, heading south towards Denmark, calling in at a number of historic Scandinavian coastal towns.

Spanish food with a lemon in the middle
04 February 2015

A Tasting Trip through Spain

As an integral part of the Spanish identity, this trip gives you a taste of some of the best known culinary areas of the country.

A road in New Orleans, USA
03 February 2015

A Road Trip inspired by Music

A journey which has inspired the Delta blues to New Orleans jazz, playing a big part in the region’s identity full of classic American heritage.

View of two gondolas in the canals of Venice
10 February 2015

On the road to Carnivàle through Italy

A route leading from Tuscany up to the Adriatic Coast, this road trip journeys through some of Italy's most scenic and iconic parts.

View of Rhine Valley
03 February 2015

Romance in the Rhine Valley

A trip through the Rhine Valley, cities and woodlands, showcasing one of Germany's most romantic riverside journeys through the country's west.

Romantic stroll along the Seine, Paris
04 February 2015

A Fine French Romance Road Trip

A trip through the Burgundy and Champagne regions to Paris, linking a string of historical cities, each with their own feel.

A rugby stadium with players in the middle of the field
10 February 2015

Try a Rugby Inspired Road Trip

A road trip that takes you through countrysides to stadiums. For those who are Rugby fans this is an ultimate trip from England to Wales.

13 January 2015

A Road Trip across floating cities

A journey from the east to west of Sweden, stopping off in some of Europe's wealthiest cities.

05 January 2015

Through a terracotta countryside

A journey which drives between two of the Iberian Peninsula’s greatest cities through terracotta landscapes of Andalucía.

05 January 2015

A City to Slope Road Trip in Italy

Visiting some of Northern Italy's iconic city destinations and its mountainous landscapes offering and array of choice from sightseeing to outdoor activities.

05 January 2015

A Road Trip into the French Alps

A drive through the French Alps visiting some of the top ski destinations within the area over the winter season.

05 January 2015

A Road Trip across the Florida Keys

Island hopping through the Florida Keys, across the Overseas Highway, over one of America's most iconic Road Trips.

Drive through England
03 January 2015

A Road Trip through Old England

A guide through the mellow hills of the Eastern Cotswolds, driving through old English countryside.

The Television Tower
05 January 2015

Where East meets West Road Trip

A culture packed road trip from the East to the West of Germany starting in Berlin and ending up in Hamburg.

A trip through the mountains-Avis Car Hire
18 November 2014

A Tuscan Mountain Road Trip

A classic Italian road trip, this five-hour journey takes you through the diverse regions of Piedmont, Liguria and Tuscany.

Normandy coastline - Avis Car Hire
17 November 2014

Food Trip through Northern France

A culinary route through northern France passing through some of the most character-rich parts of the country, highlighting some regional specialities.

Birch and Winter Fir dominate the landcape - Avis Car Hire
18 November 2014

A Winter Trip through Germany

A seasonal winter route exploring some of the best and much imitated southern German Christmas markets.

The rugged coast of the south west- Avis Car Hire
30 November 2014

UK Southern Escapes in Winter

A route through the south west of England, exploring some of the areas best-loved regions over Christmas, showcasing stunning coastal scenery.

Northern Lights in Sweden- Avis Car Hire
17 November 2014

An Arctic Circle Road Trip

An unforgettable seasonal trip, crossing the Arctic circle leading up to some of the northernmost points in Swedish Lapland.

Sun sets over Barcelona beach - Avis Car Hire
17 November 2014

A Spanish Winter Road Trip

An alternative winter road trip in Spain, over the country's beach-fringed eastern coast, passing through picturesque bays and coves.

Start your road trip in the Big Apple - Avis Car Hire
03 November 2014

A Christmas Road Trip and the City

A US road trip starting from the festive Big Apple passing through the infamous Hamptons, for the ultimate city escape this season.