Northern Lights in Sweden- Avis Car Hire Luleå
17 November 2014

An Arctic Circle Road Trip

When it comes to Christmas road trips, it’s not easy to beat a drive that actually crosses the Arctic Circle. Leading up into the extremities of Swedish Lapland, this five-hour, 250-mile journey is an expedition worth the name. The route meanders through winter wilderness and remote Nordic scenery, while the far-flung towns and cities along the way offer generous servings of seasonal Scandinavian hospitality. Hiring an Avis car in Sweden and driving in this area is an unforgettable way of experiencing the raw drama of the outdoors – particularly with the very real possibility of witnessing the other-worldly dance of the Northern Lights.

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  • Luleå

    The pretty 17th-century town of Luleå was once best known for its harbour, which regularly welcomed trading ships from Stockholm some 450 miles to the south. Today, sitting at the northern end of the icy Gulf of Bothnia, the town acts as a gateway to the Lapland region. This is a remarkable part of the continent to explore at the wheel, and the snowy majesty showcased during the winter months starts to become apparent as you head north. The quiet, fir-flanked road runs parallel to the broad waters of the Lule River before reaching the small town of Boden.

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    A welcomed break - Avis Car Hire
  • Boden

    Home to the largest garrison in the Swedish army, Boden provides a suitably atmospheric stopover as the route snakes its way upwards into the wilds of the north. The settlement is still surrounded by forts, and the wide, hushed woodland scenery around town is stirringly emblematic of Lapland. On a clear night, there’s a great chance of spotting an aurora. Then it’s on towards Jokkmokk, the road winding through plains, hills and dark forests. Just before reaching the town itself, there’s a significant driving milestone. You’ll cross the Arctic Circle – at a point 1,250 miles north-east of London.

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    Forest in Boden- Avis Car Hire
  • Jokkmokk

    Renowned for being the spiritual heartland of Sami culture, the valley town of Jokkmokk is a special place to visit in the depths of winter. It was also recently nominated as 2014’s Food Capital of Sweden, thanks to fine local produce such as lingo berries, game fish and reindeer meat. Don’t miss the town’s superb Ajtte Museum for an authoritative overview of the Sami way of life. Jokkmokk also serves as a base for exploring the so-called Laponian Area, a World Heritage-listed region still considered as the home of the Sami. Your next stop, Muddus National Park, is an integral part of this area.

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    A welcomed break - Avis Car Hire
  • Muddus National Park

    The pine forests and marshlands of Muddus National Park provide a beautiful 200-square-mile Arctic domain for everything from elks and bears to lynx and hares. There are also some bracing winter walks to stride through, with cross-country skiing a possibility for the adventurous.

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    Stunning surrounds of Muddas National Park - Avis Car Hire
  • Kiruna

    The final stretch of the road trip leads up towards Kiruna, the northernmost town in Sweden. A convivial place in its own right, it’s also famed for its inspiring surrounds – Abisko National Park, with its world-class snowshoeing potential, as well as the remarkable Ice Hotel at Jukkasjärvi. When wrapped up warm, Kuruna provides a mythical ambient experience over the Christmas season.

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    Kiruna Church - Avis Car Hire
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