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18 November 2014

A Tuscan Mountain Road Trip

A classic Italian road trip, this 275-mile, five-hour journey takes you through the diverse landscapes of Piedmont, Liguria and Tuscany. From Alpine valleys to lofty sea cliffs and from winter olive groves to pretty hill towns, the route cuts a scenic swathe through northern Italy. Seeing this part of the country in its end-of-year finery is just one part of the appeal. Driving from Turin to Tuscany also lets you dig into the destination’s evocative local character, whether you’re navigating the dramatic surrounds of the Ligurian coast or soaking up the urban buzz of Florence.

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  • Turin

    The baroque avenues and grand squares of Turin provide an apt setting for the start of your Italian car-hire trip. The city might be an industrial one these days, but its large historic core is testament to a proud ducal past. Don’t miss the magnificent UNESCO-listed Savoy palaces. The road out of town curves east through green Piedmontese countryside and across the plain of the Tanaro River. Call in at the little city of Asti, where a medieval basilica still stands, then continue on towards the 850-year-old provincial capital of Alessandria.

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    Turin in winter- Avis Car Hire
  • Alessandria

    Originally founded to help defend the region from the notorious Holy Roman Emperor known as Barbarossa, Alessandria makes for an interesting stop-off. Two centuries ago it actually formed part of France, following Napoleon’s victory at the nearby Battle of Marengo. Heading south into Liguria towards the sea, the route continues until it skirts the world-famous coastal stretch known as the Cinque Terre. Made up of five gorgeous small villages tucked among coves and cliffs, it’s a perfect area for spectacular coastal walks. From here, it’s just a short drive to La Spezia.

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    The UNESCO-listed Savoy Palaces - Avis Car Hire
  • La Spezia

    A natural base for exploring the Cinque Terre over winter, the castle-topped port town of La Spezia has a waterfront lined with pastel-coloured buildings. It also plays home to the Amedeo Lia Art Museum, where you’ll find exceptional works by Titian and Bellini. The winding roads of the coast then lead south into Tuscany, where the Christmas period sees towns and cities come alive with lights and festive markets. Stop off at Viareggio, with its palm-lined seafront boulevard, before driving on to Pisa.

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    La Spezia Coast - Avis Car Hire
  • Pisa

    The Leaning Tower might be Pisa’s single most famous icon – but it’s just one of the components that make the city an endearing one. Visit the rest of the harmoniously designed centre known as the Field of Miracles, then head to the arches under Logge di Banchi for Christmas shopping. The road then leads inland across cypress-studded landscapes.

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    The Leaning Tower of Pisa - Avis Car Hire
  • Florence

    All Tuscany holidays have a focal point, and in this case it’s the Renaissance city of Florence. Often considered the most beautiful city in Italy, it remains a marvel of art and architecture – and at this time of year, it’s imbued with seasonal cheer too. From the Arno River views, to the Piazza del Duomo, there is an array of culture and Renaissance flair which is unconquerable.  Christmas tortellini, anyone?

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    An abundance of art and culture - Avis Car Hire
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