FlybeHere’s a tip for you… When you’re hiring from an airport it’s important to tell us your flight number when you book by phone, or put it in online if you’re booking on the Internet. It means that (a) if your flight is delayed we know that you’ll be late and will wait for you, even after closing time, and (b) at certain locations with different terminals (like Manchester) we know which side of the airport to have your car waiting.

Another tip for air travellers is to type in your flight number at the start of your booking on the Avis UK website. It saves time, as the database automatically locates your arrival airport and time and puts them into your reservation.

If you have your own car hire tips, or questions for us, then you can post them as comments here, and we’ll make sure we look at what you have to say.

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11 Responses to “Why flight numbers are important”

  1. Mrs Maria Milne Says:

    I would like to hita a car from TN21 9LR to go to Heathrow on , collection on 24/12 and leave it at the airport on 25/12 arround 3pm, could you please let me know details about it, prices , where to collect etc.
    thank you

  2. Rob White - Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Maria

    We have passed you details on to our reservation centre who will contact you to help you with this.

    For future bookings, our website ( has a great tool where you can type your postcode into the search box on the homepage and this will give you a choice of locations nearby.


  3. Roger Says:

    I’ve commented about this before (on the credit cards blog), but nothing seems to have happened. I’m trying to put in flight numbers for arrivals at Almeria Airport in October/November. They are Ryanair FR8351 and EasyJet EZY (or U2) 5163. In each case I am told it is not recognised.

  4. Stephen Spiers - Customer Service, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Roger,

    I understand that Rob was dealing with this matter but he is currently on holiday. I will pick this up with his when he returns and let you know the latest situation.



  5. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Roger, sorry the delayed response to your question – I am back from holiday now!

    I have just spoken to my colleague in our IT team and I have been told that the fix to this bug is currently scheduled in for 8th of October. I apologise for the delay – there is a lot of development work being scheduled in at the moment and we have to ensure it is all executed well and supported with adequate testing.

    Let me know if you have any other thoughts or feedback.


  6. Roger Says:

    Hi Rob,

    8th October is after we pick up the car. I’ve no wish to make an expensive call to the (mobile) number for Almeria Airport – is there any other way of communicating with them or adding a flight number to the booking?

  7. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Roger, if you are able to confirm the flight number and reservation number by emailing us at, I can arrange for this to be added for you.


  8. Roger Says:

    Hi Rob,

    First the good news – the October booking went very smoothly. Since I was last there, Almeria airport now has an Avis desk and proper parking spaces, but I suspect it is only manned when something is expected to happen (for example, there was no-one there on my return). However, everything was ready and it was a good experience.

    Now the bad news – I still cannot put in the EasyJet flight U25163, even though we are now after the October 8th date for the bug fix. Was it delayed, or did it not work?


  9. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Roger, thanks for the update. Yes it was due for that date but was delayed due to urgent and unexpected work. A fix is now scheduled to be live with the release due at the end of the month.

    I know that is not ideal and I appreciate that bug has been around for a while now and it must be frustrating. Hopefully everything will go to plan and the bug will be fixed at the end of the month!


  10. Roger Says:

    Hi Rob,
    Well … the good news is that an Easyjet flight number (U2) is now accepted; the bad news is that when I try to save the change it says “Sorry, there is a problem with your booking
    Due to technical problems we are unable to process your booking at this time”. As it is, I have given the flight arrival time (within 5 minutes) and that is the best I can do.

  11. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Roger, thank you for the update. Some progress I guess, but this is still not acceptable. So am I right in thinking you were trying to add the flight number to an existing reservation? If so, would you be able to email me the res number to and we’ll take a look.


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