I was watching Best of Top Gear last night and it reminded me about a segment that I really wanted to mention on the this blog (but completely forgot about until I was reminded yesterday), where the Top Gear team went on a quest to discover the world’s best driving road. Now their approach to this was hardly scientific with all continents outside of Europe being discounted on a whim. And the cars they tested were not exactly what you’d expect your average Joe Bloggs on the street to be driving. It is Top Gear so of course they rolled out light-weight supercars including the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS and the Aston Martin V8 Vantage N24 (to say James May regretted choosing this stripped-to-the-bone supercar is understatement).

In their search for the best driving road the criteria was simple: they needed to find a road that combined beautiful scenery with a test on driving ability that provided a rush of adrenaline. Now random methodology aside, no-one can complain that the roads featured in this segment were nothing short of spectacular. The three roads featured were as follows:

1. The Col De Turini. A high mountain pass located in the Alps in the South of France. This road is the home of the Monte Carlo Rally.
2. The San Bernardino Pass. Another high mountain pass connecting Hinterrhein and the Mesolcina (Misox) valleys, this time in the Swiss region of the Alps.
3. Davos to Stelvio via Bormio (the overall winner). Heading south from Davos, Switzerland to Stelvio, Italy, this road lays deserted with miles of track that test the ability of both car and driver to backdrop of stunning scenery.

So there you have it. According to Top Gear, these are the world’s best driving roads. For more information and pictures, the Redline blog has written a pretty good summary of this segment. There are even a few comments from readers providing suggestions of their own. And if you have any roads you would like to suggest then this is the place to do it!

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6 Responses to “Top Gear’s world best driving road”

  1. Mark B - Perth, Scotland Says:

    Top Gear, being Top Gear, couldn’t use a Ford Focus, Audi A3 and a Skoda Octavia, NOPE!! Supercars… lol

    I wonder if they used ‘normal’ cars would the results have been any different? I doubt it.

    Wonder how the M25 didn’t get featured in this episode? hahahah

  2. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Over the years Top Gear has definitely featured more and more supercars at the expense of some of those cars you would expect your average person to be driving. Saying that, if I was doing what they do I wouldn’t be complaining!

    And don’t talk to me about the M25. I’ve wasted too much of my life on that motorway!

  3. Owen Peek Says:

    Dunno if it’s relivant but after seeing the show myself I decided to go and try it for myself. I went this summer on a bike that cost less than a ford focus and rode all 3 along with some others the researchers may have missed.
    Personly I think you might have more fun in “normal” cars. Coming from the north side on the Stelvio pass I got in a bit of a race with a Mazerratti and both myself and a Mazda MX5 lerf it for dead! It’s so tight with no more that a hundred yds or so between each hairpin that being light with a short wheelbase is what gives the most fun! the guy in the Mazlooked to be having a mare to get that long a wheelbase round some of the tighter ones.

  4. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Great tip Owen. Actually I’m rather glad because I doubt I’ll ever get to experience the Stelvio pass in a supercar so good to know that I won’t be missing out on much!

  5. Simon Booth Says:

    I drove from Davos – Stelvio in a rental BMW (not Avis the yellow one!)and the memory lives on.

  6. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Thanks Simon. I haven’t been there myself but I think a road trip in that region is definitely on the cards (covering all of the top drives)!

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