Please note that we have a more comprehensive and up-to-date post about hiring a car without your paper or photocard driving licence.

I recently lost my driving licence and those who know me will not be surprised that I have been a little slow to order a replacement. It’s a case of typical Rob White carelessness followed by typical Rob White laziness. Today, however, I have learned about a new way to order a replacement UK driving licence without the need to even leave my desk. I have just found out from my colleague Donna that a replacement can be ordered online!

So I logged on 10 minutes ago and ordered my replacement. It is all pretty straighforward. The main thing to remember is to have your driving licence number and passport number to hand. It doesn’t take long and you do not even need to send in a new passport photo. You still need to pay a fee as usual but I am assured by Directgov that this is the quickest way to replace your licence.

Don’t forget that if you are renting a car in the UK and you are a UK driving licence holder then we require BOTH parts of your licence. A charge will apply to run a DVLA check if one of the parts is missing. If you need to order a replacement you can do so at the Directgov website.

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161 Responses to “Replacing your UK driving licence”

  1. anthony white Says:

    check your new lience carefully as mine was wrong they sent me a provisional lience instead of a full lience by the time i realised this i had disrode my old paper lience and am haveing trouble geting a replacement as it appears that my records were not up dated from the old records as i passed my test in 1958 it is taking some time to trace them i was told that if they can not find them i will have to take a test wish me luck

  2. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    What a palaver! Good luck Anthony. I’m just waiting for mine to come through

  3. Gary Says:

    Why are paper licences still needed for rentals in the UK when Avis are happy to just take the photo card for every other country I have visited. To Joe Public it appears to be a money making scam in admin fees for running the DVLA check.

  4. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Gary, no this is not a scam! We need the paper part of the licence to check for endorsements.

    If either part of the licence is missing then we do need to call the DVLA to check which is very expensive and takes additional time for which we have to charge. We do try to make it as clear as possible to our customers that both parts of the licence are required so that we can avoid making this call if possible.


  5. B Hill Says:

    driving licence is spelt with 2 ‘c’ s in the UK!

  6. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    B Hill, I stand corrected! Believe it or not I got a B in A-Level English yet I cannot managed the most simplest of spelling. I blame it all the time I spent in the States with my Dad. Anyway, I’ve corrected it now!

  7. David Rosewell Says:

    I’ve just changed my Full Australian Licence for a UK Licence. What do Avis need to update my profile on my Avis Preferred? Also what is the two parts to a UK licence, I’ve just got the UK Licence photo ID card that is used at Avis rental locations worldwide?

  8. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi David, do you have an online account on that is linked to your Avis Preferred membership? If so, you can update the driving licence information this way by signing into your account. Once you have signed in to your account section there is a link on the left-hand side called ‘Driving licences’. Click on this and amend your details. If you don’t have your Avis Preferred membership linked to an online account then you can do this by following the instructions after clicking on the following link:

    Alternatively, you could request the changes via our email form: and select “Issues with Wizard/Avis Preferred membership”.

    With regards, to the second part, you’re licence should have come with a green paper part which is used to record any points to your licence. Did you receive this?


  9. Miles Atkinson Says:

    Hello, and firstly, excellent blog.

    I’ll ask this question here rather than referring to our Avis representative as others may appreciate the response. Can you clarify one thing – as a Preferred member it is unclear whether I need to display my licence each time I pick up a rental. Over the past two months, I have rented a car per week from either LGW or Southampton airports, and there has been a level of inconsistency as to whether I need to display my license. Some counter staff ask to see it, others don’t. Each rental was booked under my companies’ AWD number and my own Wizard number.

    As I’ve just moved home address, I need to get the address associated with my license changed, but I daren’t instead I’m refused my Avis rental. Can you clarify if I should have my licence with me – as well as my Preferred card?

    Many thanks,


  10. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Miles,

    Thanks for the feedback about the blog!

    If you are renting on business using your company’s own insurance then it is not imperative for you to show your driver’s licence as your company should ensure you have a valid licence (although rental agents will normally ask for this for duty of care reasons). If this applies to you then there is no issue! Otherwise, it is Avis policy to check the driver’s licence on every rental (where the risk of third party liability, damage and theft is covered by Avis, subject to the excess). This is for photo identification purposes, up-to-date licence checking and to check for endorsements, and is regardless of Avis Preferred status. I will speak with my colleague in the Operations team to ensure that all front-line staff are conforming to our policy on these rentals.

    If your rentals are covered by Avis insurance and you are unable to produce your licence then we can contact the DVLA during it’s opening hours to verify. This can be done between 8.00am and 8.30pm from Monday to Friday and between 8.00am and 5.30pm on Saturday. However, I should advise that there is a current admin charge of £5.88. This is to cover the premium call cost and associated administration.

    If the rental is outside of DVLA opening hours then there is a possibility we will make an exception and allow you to sign an indemnity form declaring that you hold a full, valid licence. However, this is allowed at the discretion of the station manager and it might be worth calling the office in advance to check that this exception will be applied (although I’d hope they will take your rental history with us into account!).

    I hope this is all makes sense. Let me know if you have any further questions or require any further clarification.


  11. Rod Says:

    I have an old style licence without photo id… do i need to show my passport too when renting?

  12. Stephen Spiers - Customer Service, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Rod,

    We still accept the old style driving licence.

    As ever, it must be a full licence held for at least one year, be valid at check out time and also valid until the rental period ends.

    Hope this helps,


  13. Sue Gowar Says:

    Hi Rob

    I am not clear about whether we need the paper licences for renting in the US? My husband and I both have photocard licences, but appear to have lost, mislaid or misfiled the paper parts! Is it necessary to have these for rental in Phoenix?


  14. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Sue, I have just checked with my colleague in the US and she assures me that, as long as the licence is full and valid, the photocard on it’s own will be fine.

    I hope this helps.


  15. kelly Says:

    my partner has lost the pape part to his licence and we are hiring a car from palma airport in majorca….. will we still be able to d this with the photocard licence

  16. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Kelly, officially you need to have both parts of the licence. If you have time, I would recommend getting a replacement copy of the paper version.


  17. Sue Gowar Says:

    I would just say that I tried to order a new paper driving licence on line and had a nightmare. They do put you through hoops so far as passwords etc. are concerned. When I got to the final page I was asked to make a declaration that I would “cut my existing licence in two and return it to them” – I can hardly say i will do that as I have lost the original! In the end i telephoned the DVLA and paid for the new licence over the phone – total time taken about 2 minutes! I asked the man at DVLA about the problem on the website and he said it is in its infancy and they are having problems. My advice is telephone them – they are extremely helpful and I didnt have to go through the rigmarole which you face on the website.

  18. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Thanks for the tip Sue. I have colleagues here who have successfully utilised this service but clearly it is not for everybody and the phone provides a good alternative!

  19. Terry McCarthy Says:

    Sorry Avis, but until you stop requiring the paper version of the licence I’ll be renting with competitors. It makes no sense, and nothing you say here helps your case, when the photocard is accepted in every other Avis office in every other country I’ve been to. They also insure me, irrespective of possible endorsements. As you mention earlier in the blog I can sign a statement that I don’t have any endorsements (e.g. out of DVLA hours). Why then can’t I sign at any time – no change to risk to Avis. Excellent blog, by the way.

  20. William Buttery Says:

    Have you overlooked the fact that we people living outside of the UK cannot use the 0845 contact numbers? This has been mentioned a few times, and you STILL have done nothing to correct this.

    WE TRY HARDER ? A Joke, right?

  21. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi William, every country has a number for our reservation centre set up specifically for that country. Reading past correspondance from you, I assume you are trying to call us from Germany. The number for the call centre from Germany is (0)1805 217702. If you need the number from a different country then let me know and I will happily post this for you.


  22. Graham Says:

    Hi, I am travelling to the Canary Islands tomorrow and wish to rent a car, however, the problem is that I can only find my paper licence counterpart and not my photocard. Will Avis in Spain be able to verify with the DVLA that this is acceptable, providing of course I provide photo ID such as a passport?

    Thanks and regards


  23. Graham Says:

    Great – and thanks for your quick repsonse!

  24. Rob J Says:

    Hi – my query is the other way round from most – I am looking to hire a car in the UK but have lost my plastic card – I still have the paper counterpart.

    Is that acceptable?

  25. Chris Cox- Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Graham,

    I’ve spoken to several offices in the Canaries and they all confirmed that provided you have the paper part along with your passport there won’t be any problem in picking up the car.
    Have a nice trip!


  26. Chris Cox- Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Rob,

    This will be fine providing you take some kind of photographic ID with you e.g. passport. The paper part actually shows any points you may have accumulated so it’s actually this part the office is most interested in. take the paper part with your passport and you will be fine.


  27. Jane Says:

    I wanted a photo driving license for the first time. But I have just had my renewal application returned. The Post Office checking service got something wrong – you now have to send in your passport as proof of identity if it not a digital passport (the post office cannot verify it any more).

    So, it is only a week to go before I hire a car in Spain, and I only have my old style paper license. Is this acceptable for car hire in Menorca?

  28. Chris Cox- Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Jane,

    Yes the old style license will be acceptable for your pick up. so long as it shows that it’s been held clean for over 12 months there won’t be a problem. You may however also be asked for photographic proof although I assume you’ll have your passport with you anyway so there won’t be any issues.


  29. James Says:

    Hi – are both parts of the UK driving licence required for rental in Ireland? I have lost the paper part and will not receive a replacement before I travel to Dublin.

    Are Avis in Dublin willing to call the DVLA number I have been given to prove I have no endorsements – I’m willing to pay the cost if necessary.


  30. Chris Cox- Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi James,

    I’ve spoken to the office and they’ve confirmed that providing you are picking up within office hours (and DVLA opening hours) then yes they will call the DVLA to ensure you have a clean licence. The charge for this will be €10.

  31. dawn mooney Says:

    hi i have a full licence in the republic of ireland and was wondering how long i have to have had this to rent a car in the uk? also when picking up a car what documents do i need to bring with me? thanks

  32. Matt Ashcroft Says:

    Hi I’m travelling to the US, Washington DC in the next few days and hiring from Avis at Dulles aiport. I seem to have lost my counterpart licence. Are both parts required or will I still be able to hire on my photocard licence?

  33. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Dawn,
    You’ll need to have held the licence for 12 months when you pick up the car. When you arrive the only documentation that you’ll need will be your licence (both parts if you have a new style licence e.g. the photo card and paper counterpart) and a credit card.
    I hope that helps

  34. Chris Cox- Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Matt,

    I’ve spoken to Dulles and they’ve said that they would be happy to accept just the photocard part. If you were able to find the counterpart then it would help but if you arrive without it they will still rent you the car.


  35. Andrea Says:

    We are planning on hiring a car in Kefalonia but me and my partner only have old paper licences which we’ve just realised have our old address on too. We are in the process of updating but may not happen in time for the holiday. Will we still be ok hiring a car with these old paper licences and a passport?

    Thanks Andrea

  36. Chris Cox- Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Andrea,

    You are fine renting with the old style licence and your passport. There will not be any problem at all.


  37. Peter Says:

    I’m just looking at applying for a photo licence for the first time. I’ve had the paper version for 30 years. Anyway the DVLA website says they “No Longer Issue Paper Licenses”. If that is the case, why is the photo licence not enough on its own? I’m confused!

  38. Lyn Nottingham- UK Risk Manager, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Peter, the DVLA no longer issue the full paper version i.e. the “old” pink and green document that you have. They issue a photocard license together with a paper counterpart that lists any endorsements. We need the card part and the paper counterpart to rent cars. When the DVLA say “no longer issue paper licenses” this is referring to the old type, which was completely paper.

    I hope this clarifies things!


  39. Peter Says:

    Hi Lyn. Thank you for your helpful response. That really was not clear from the DVLA website.

    No longer confused :)


  40. John Whitney Says:


    I’m collecting a car from Barcelona next week, and the main driver in my party cannot find the paper part of his licence, he only has the photocard. We are collecting at 5.00pm on Monday, and having read posts above, would your staff at Avis Barcelona accept
    just the photocard, or will they alternatively be able call DVLA to check the endorsements on his licence? is this acceptable?

    Also, what is the process regarding credit cards/documents when collecting the car, as the main driver will not be dropping the car off so does not want to have to leave any documentation with avis on arrival as he won’t be able to collect is when we have finished.


    John Whitney


  41. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi John,

    I’ve checked with Barcelona and they have said that they will accept just the photocard part of the main driver’s licence for this rental.
    I hope that puts your mind at rest.

  42. David Chapman Says:

    Hi there

    Similar question to the one above, I’ve lost my paper licence (have the photocard) and am renting a car from Schipol through my company tomorrow. Will I be ok?

    Many thanks


  43. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Dave,

    Again you won’t have a problem although I’ve just realized that you have probably already collected the car by now!

  44. stu walker Says:

    It has taken me so far 9 months to try and get my Triple Reward Airmiles from Booking CarHire with this company last year….

    Thus Far i have not received anything inrelation to Apologies, contact or an email response.

    Customer service is only Open till 5pm..Need I say more……

    I am Owed nearly 400/500 miles….

  45. Victoria Wilson - Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Stu,

    Would you be able to email your reservation number to and we’ll take a look at this for you


  46. Sarah Says:

    Very interesting info thank you and I tried the online link- I lost my driving licence but am unable to replace it because I no longer live in the UK- What a headache :-( So far there seems no way that I can get a relacement iicence which is a shame…

  47. Rob White- Marketing Manager, Avis UK Says:

    Have you tried calling them? I found them really helpful when I had to call. The number is 0870 240 0009 although I’m not sure if that works abroad.

    Alternatively you could try this online contact form:

    Otherwise I found this fax number which is specifically for driver’s abroad: +44 (0)1792 786 369. I’m not sure whether you have access to fax though!


  48. Jeremy Says:

    A slight twist on the licence question for you. I am trying to book a vehicle in Australia but am being quoted AUD$893 if I declare myself as a UK resident but only AUD$531 if I declare myself a New Zealand resident (I have both passports but only a UK licence).

    Firstly, why is there such a huge difference in quoted price and secondly, as I have a New Zealand passport can I use this to obtain the cheaper rental?

  49. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Jeremy, I was just reviewing all the recent comments and have realised that we hadn’t responded to your comment yet – so apologies for that! Pricing can differ by “market” depending what our competitors are pricing at in this market. I see no reason why you can’t book using your New Zealand residency in this instance.


  50. Ben Nicholson Says:

    Hi Avis,

    I am due to be hiring a car with Avis from Calgary Airport Canada this Tuesday (18th August). Both my wife and I have lost our paper license and only have our photocards. I have seen from the above posts that this should not be a problem.

    Are you able to confirm this with the Calgary branch to put my mind at rest?

    Many thanks,

    Ben Nicholson

  51. malc Says:

    I only have a paper licence (pre photo ones). Will this cause a problem when renting?


  52. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Malc,

    No it won’t cause a problem at all.


  53. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Ben,

    I’ve spoken to Calgary and they have confirmed that this won’t be a problem.
    I hope that helps to put your mind at rest.


  54. Mark Says:

    I am picking up a car from Newcastle airport on Saturday morning, I have just realised that I have lost the paper part of my licence (I have the photo card). Obviously the DVLA will be closed Saturday and I have no way of obtaining a replacement prior to my rental. Is there anyway I can precheck that the Newcastle airport office will allow me to sign a waiver as I obviously don’t want to arrive and then not be able to pick up my car as I have a wedding to get to! Thanks,

  55. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Mark, the DVLA is open on Saturday so you should be fine. The guys at Newcastle Airport did try to call you to run the checks now so you can be sure. Unfortunately they couldn’t get through but if you wanted to call them to be sure, you can catch them on 0844 544 6022.

    Let me know if you need anything else.


  56. Hannah Says:

    Hi Rob,

    I am due to go to South Africa on honeymoon on 1 September, and will be hiring cars from Avis, from Durban for one week and from Port Elizabeth for a further week.

    I have realised that I cannot find my photocard, or my paper licence, anywhere!

    I am in the process of ordering a replacement photocard from DVLA, but it seems unlikely that they’ll be able to get it to me in time.

    Is it possible for Avis UK to communicate with Avis South Africa to confirm the validity of my UK driving licence?



  57. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Hannah,

    I’ve spoken to the offices and they’ve told me that in order to pick up the cars you’ll to take some kind of proof from both the DVLA and the police to state that you have a clean and valid licence. These along with your passport will suffice.

    I hope you have a great honeymoon!

  58. John Says:


    Like some others, I am due to hire a car tomorrow in Seville train station, Spain. Unfortunately, while I have my passport I have lost both my paper and photocard UK driving licence. Will Seville Stn be able to confirm my clean licence with DVLA to enable me to pick the car up tomorrow, or do I have to have an awkward conversation with my wife?!!


  59. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi John

    I’m afraid that you will need a certificate of Entitlement from the DVLA in order to pick up the car. The office at Seville won’t be willing to call the DVLA but will request this letter instead.

  60. John Says:

    Thanks Rob

    Do you know if it is possible to order this by email or phone from DVLA?


  61. Vicki Wilson - Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi John,

    You can call the DVLA’s customer service on 0870 240 0009 and you wand a V750 Entitlement form.

    I hope this helps.


  62. James P Moriarty Says:

    I understand this blog invites us to share our experience of AVIS card hire.

    My experience today whilst trying to discover why I had been charged for a rental having prepaid was extremely disappointing. I had to fax agreements in only to be told later that the person to whom they were addressed was in fact no where near the fax machine. I then e-mail them only to find, after waiting for a call back, that the Customer Service Desks close at 1700. I end the day lending AVIS £500 for a further 24 hours and with a deep sense that the last thing they want to do is give it back. The [Agreement Number].

  63. Vicki Wilson - Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi James,

    Sorry to hear about your frustrations.

    I will follow this up with customer services and we will get back to you.

    If you have any other feedback or questions please let me know.


  64. Bridget Says:

    I want to hire a car at Stansted next month. I have an pink paper licence from the UK. However I recently moved to Southern Ireland. Will the office still accept my UK licence?

  65. Sandra - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Bridget,

    Your UK licence will be fine to use to rent in the UK.

    If you have any other questions please let me know.


  66. Fred Says:

    I want to hire a car at Dublin Airport on Thursday but I cannot find the paper part of my licence. My flight does not get in to Dublin till 11pm and obviously DVLA will be closed. Is there any way round this please?

  67. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Fred,

    You will need to speak to the DVLA and ask them to fax a Letter of Entitlement to the Avis office at Dublin. Their number is +353 1 6057565.
    I hope that helps

  68. Andrew Says:

    In August I sent my driving licence to DVLA to notify them of change of address on 30th September. I did it early as I was going abroad on holiday 3 days after moving. DVLA posted the licence in the first half of September but I didn’t receive it, probably caught up in the postal strikes. I am now in Majorca – is there any way I will be able to hire a car without my licence? I don’t need it for another 7 days, so is that enough time to do something about it? As I have also passed by advanced driving test would it help to produce my IAM membership card?

  69. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    You’d need to get a Certificate of Entitlement from the DVLA faxed to either yourself or the Avis office. This presented with your passport would serve as proof for them and they’d let you rent.
    Does the IAM licence carry a photo and validity period?
    Let me know if you need any more help.

  70. Andrew Says:

    Thanks for that. No, the IAM membership card only has the Name, Membership No. and date of passing the advanced test. I could suggest they added a photo and Driver No. to make it more useful.

  71. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Andrew,

    That could be a good idea although if you accumulated for example 9 points or were banned would the IAM reflect this? At least it would serve as proof that you’ve held a licence for that time abyt perhaps not that it was clean at the moment.
    If you need any more help please don’t hesitate to ask.

  72. Nicola Says:


    I’m travelling to Washington on Tuesday and have just realised that my photo licence ran out in September as I first got one in 1998. I have a car booked to hire from Avis at Dulles airport – I have my paper licence and my photo licence. The photo licence states on the back that I’m entitled to drive cars till 2051. Will they still let me hire the car or should I try and get a certificate of entitlement faxed from the DVLA on Monday?


  73. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Nicola,

    On the photocard on the front it has a valid to date which must still be valid when you collect the car. I’d recommend getting the certificate of entitlement to ensure you have a problem free pick up.


  74. S Jakeman Says:


    Im looking to rent a car from Falmouth to Barrow-in-Furness, this sunday, 12/12/09. Im arriving by ship and I dont have my paper counterpart with me (and have no way of getting it before i arrive in the UK) Will it be possible to still hire the car?

  75. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:


    The first issue you have is that the nearest office to Falmouth, Truro, is closed on a Sunday and is unable to leave a car at the port I’m afraid.
    If you get to an open office you could rent if you get a Certificate of Entitlement from the DVLA however the DVLA are also shut on a Sunday so you would need to do it earlier.

  76. Jason Says:


    I will arrive Birmingham airport on a Sunday midnight from abroad and I left my paper part at home (quite far away). I do not think that DVLA will open at that time. I do have the photo licence and my passport.

    Is it possible to rent a car from Avis?

    Many thanks!

  77. John Shaw Says:

    I have just arrived in the USA and have booked a car from Miami Airport for Saturday (16th)but have just discovered that I have not got my paper driving licence (the only type I have) and I think I may have lost the licence during searches at Heathrow. I registered my licence number when I made the booking and know it if needed. Fortunately there is a few days now before I need the car, but I would like the Miami office to be informed that my licence is OK so that I can pick up the car. I understand that there is an administration fee for you to check with DVLA and thats OK. What do I need to do formally to get this to happen?

  78. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi John,
    I’m afraid to say that I’ve called Miami and they will not accept anything other than the original licence. They will not accept any faxed confirmation or anything else from the DVLA. Are you travelling with anyone else who can do the driving instead?

  79. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Jason,
    I’m afraid that the DVLA isn’t open at that time and the Avis Birmingham office actually shuts at 2300. If you are looking to rent then I would recommend contacting the Contact Centre 08445 818181 to see if you can organize an out of hours pick up. I have however spoken to Birmingham regarding the licence issue and they have said that there is the option for you to sign a Driver’s Indemnity form which will enable you to rent. This form is a legal document which you sign stating that you are able to rent and meet all Avis terms and conditions etc. This form is used when a customer arrives and the DVLA cannot be contacted.
    I hope that helps

  80. John Shaw Says:


    Thanks for your reply, albeit it a very frustrating answer. Indeed I telephoned Miami after I had asked DVLA to send a FAX to them of the certificate, but got the same negative and unhelpful answer. Is it just Avis at Miami airport that does this – would the same rule apply to other Avis locations in the vicinity? (e.g. Miamia Downtown)

  81. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi John,

    It appears that it is a USA thing. I’ve tried several downtown offices and they have all given the same response. One office conceded that sometimes they do need to make exceptions but said that they would need to see the document before they said either yes or no to accepting it.
    Apologies as this doesn’t really help but unfortunately it seems to be common practise in the USA.

  82. John Shaw Says:


    Thanks again for your trying harder. In fact my wife will be with me and has her driving licence. I do not know whether this might add some extra credability to the hire. However, my wife has never driven in USA or driven an automatic car and she is somewhat somewhat fearful of doing so. In comparison, I have often driven in USA.


  83. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi John,

    No problem at all, I’m happy to try and help if I can! In fact putting your wife as the main driver may be a way around. In the USA if the additional driver (yourself in this case) is the spouse of the main driver there is no charge and may drive at any time without being added onto the contract or even being present at the time of rental. In theory this would enable you to drive the car but you’d need to change the reservation to your wife’s name. I’ll double check with Miami to ensure this is the case and reply as soon as I can.

  84. John Shaw Says:

    Thanks again for trying harger again and this seems to be very good news. We fly out tomorrow to Miami (from Washington) and expect to arrive at the Avis car hire desk early afternoon. It would be excellent if you could pre-warn Miami and oil the works before we arrive.


  85. John Shaw Says:

    Hired the car in Miami in my wife’s name and, as you said, I can drive it. However, they would not accept or change the pre-paid voucher in my name. Consequently, we had to pay again. I am anticipating that I will be able to get a refund from AVIS UK for the pre-paid voucher in these circumstances.

    Thanks for your help


  86. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi John,

    My apologies but I’d left the office before I saw your other post and as I don’t work weekends I didn’t have chance to call Miami and pave the way for you. I’m very pleased that at least you managed to get the car and yes we can organise a refund for the other reservation. If you email me your reservation number to then I will follow up for you.
    Have a great time!

  87. steven Says:

    i am looking to hire a car for 2 weeks in august but i only had my licence since october 2009. is there anythink you can do for me?


  88. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Steven,

    I’m afraid that you must have held your licence for 12 months before you can rent with Avis. There is no way around this restriction.


  89. Jeffrey Says:

    I have recently booked a car rental at Avis Southampton airport branch and I have paid for the rental online, After I had my email confirmation I realised that I need to present my counterpart licence too, but this is left back in Swindon and I cannot see myself to pick it up in the given timeframe, would southampton branch be able to check for any endorsements with DVLA at the time of the rental? it is at 3pm on friday. and How much would this cost?

  90. nathan Says:

    i want to hire a car in south africa but have 3 points on my licence for a defect tyre, can i still hire a car in south africa or not please help.

  91. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Nathan,

    We are happy to accept up to 6 points so you will have no problem at all.

    I hope that helps


  92. L McLeod Says:

    We are residents in Spain and now have Spanish driving licences (card type). No paper licence has been issued with them. Are they acceptable on their own? Thanks Linda

  93. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Linda,

    Your Spanish licence will be accepted on its own no problem. However be aware that you will need to prove that you have held a licence for at least 12 months when collecting a car (just in case you have held your Spanish one for less than this period.)



  94. B Williams Says:

    Usual enquiry, different location. Picking up a car in Geneva Airport (Swiss Side) and seem to have misplaced my current counterpart license. I have my photocard license and also a 5 yr old counterpart from a previous address. I’m too late to get a replacement from the DVLA in time. Will the above be enough to rent the car in Geneva?



  95. Michael O'Donnell- Reservations, UK Says:

    Hello Ben,

    If you have access to a fax you can arrange for the DVLA to have it faxed to you prior to travel. I have contacted Geneva Airport and they have told me that they will accept the card however it is always best to have the counterpart at all times to avoid problems.


    Michael-Avis Support Team

  96. tim Says:

    Great info and you definitely need both parts.

  97. Julian Mason Says:

    Hi Michael (?)
    A friend would like to hire a car at Limoges Airport in France, but only has a prepaid credit card and a Visa Debit card (with the hologram on the back) Will Limoges accept a charge on the visa debit card when he clollects the car?
    Many thanks for your assistance over this

    Julian Mason

  98. Chris Dixon Says:

    I would like to rent a car from Bergamo airport Italy on April 12th. I’ve just noticed that the photo part of my drivers license has expired and seeing as I won’t have time to get a new one sent out would the Bergamo office accept the paper part of my license along with my passport and certificate of entitlement?

    Many Thanks for any help.

  99. Michael O'Donnell- Reservations, UK Says:

    Hi Julian,

    Visa Debit (not Electron, Solo or Switch, but Debit with the raised numbers) is accepted in France,



  100. Michael O'Donnell- Reservations, UK Says:


    I rang Bergamo Airport today and unfortunately they said they cannot rent without the card part of the licence.



  101. paul Says:

    I have booked a rental in italy -rimini airport- for the end of May,I have just noticed you require my uk licence to have two parts.I cannot recall ever having anything but my credit card type photo licence and have rented in Italy on numerous occasions with no problem. Could you please advise if I will have to cancel my reservation, thak you.

  102. Michael O'Donnell- Reservations, UK Says:

    Hi Paul,

    They will accept the card part of the licence in Italy, no problems,



  103. Kate Shillingford Says:


    I have a US trip in a couple of weeks and I have lost both my paper licence and my photocard licence. I will be needing to rent a car in Chicago from Avis. I have been told DVLA can fax a certificate of entitlement to the car rental company which will authorise me to drive. Do you know if Avis at Chicago Airport will accept this?


  104. Michael O'Donnell- Reservations, UK Says:

    Hello Kate,

    Normally this only applies to the Avis U.K. offices. I’m afraid to say that I’ve spoken to Avis Chicago and they will not accept anything other than the original licence. They will not accept any faxed confirmation or anything else from the DVLA. Maybe there is someone else travelling with you that can do the driving?



  105. Paul Vian Says:

    Hi, I’m travelling to Malta on 3rd June with Wife, her parents and our three children. We hadn’t planned to hire a car, but Mother-in-law recently advised, due to back problems, not to walk too far, so need to hire. I’m the only driver and just realised photocard license expired in January. Would Avis in Malta be willing to accept expired Photocard license (perhaps with telephone call to DVLA to confirm my entitlement to drive)? Passport proves who I am, and I’ve not changed much since last photo.

  106. Pauline Williams Says:

    We have booked to collect 2 cars from Paphos airport this Sunday for a family party of 5 adults and 2 children. One of the two drivers in our party has an old style UK paper only driving licence. Will there be any problem collecting the car with just the paper licence plus passport identification?

    Thank you

  107. Michael O'Donnell- Reservations, UK Says:

    Hi Paul,

    I realise this answer is a bit late now but no rental station outside the U.K. will accept an invalid photo-card licence to rent a car. Usually only in the U.K. the Avis branch will accept a FAX from the D.V.L.A. only.



  108. Clare Scott Says:

    I am due to hire a car from Palma airport tomorrow and I can’t find my paper counterpart to my licence. Will I still be able to pick up the car?

  109. Michael O'Donnell- Reservations, UK Says:

    Hello Clare,

    As long as you have the card part with the picture on it and your passport you will have no problems.



  110. Pawel Says:

    alright Michael
    Iam about to rent a car for 5 days in Berlin
    I’ve prepaid allready and I realized now that address on my driving licence is different than address of my bank account given during checkout..
    Ive moved the house couple of months ago and never let DVLA know about my new address details..silly me
    its too late now to get it sorted before my hollidays(collecting the car on 16/06)
    will I still be able to collect my car in Germany?

  111. Michael O'Donnell- Reservations, UK Says:

    Hi Pawel,

    As long as the licence is full and clean you will have no problems picking up the car, the address won’t matter,



  112. Pawel Says:

    Thanks for getting back to me and that puts my mind at ease



  113. Mike Says:

    Hi – I need to rent a car from Rome airport but have just realised both parts of my license are missing and there’s no time to get a replacement. Will Avis Italy accept a fax from the DVLA?



  114. Michael O'Donnell- Reservations, UK Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Unfortunately they would not accept a FAX from the DVLA. You must show at least the photo card part of the licence to rent a car with Avis Italy



  115. sue Says:

    I am picking up a car from alicante airport in a weeks time but have lost the paper part of my licence. Will the photo card part be sufficient.

  116. Michael O'Donnell- Reservations, UK Says:

    Hi Sue,

    As long as you have the card part with the picture on it and your passport you will have no problems.



  117. Paul Johnson Says:

    I’m due to pick up a car from Avis in Pisa next month but still have the old style UK paper license – are these still accepted?

  118. adrian Wallbridge Says:

    Hi, I am due to pick a car up from Alicante airport on friday at 23:30.
    Prepaid with Avis voucher and I have my avis preferred card.
    At the weekend I recieved a roadside fixed penatly and surrendered my license
    (both parts) to the police officer. I now
    only have a fixed penatly notice with my license details on the both which the office stated was sufficient as a license. Will this be accepted by at Alicante as it will be outside DVLA hours ? What are my options ? Thanks

  119. Laksh Says:

    Hi Michael,

    Same question, different location.
    A friend and I are travelling in the US and have reserved a car at the Avis located in San Francisco Airport, which we are due to collect tomorrow. Unfortunately, both of us have left our paper counterparts on the other side of the Atlantic, and have only just realised that this could be an issue. Of course, we do have the photocard licenses, and both of us have been driving for a number of years. We have already contacted the DVLA to get the information on faxing details to Avis, but if you could do anything to pave the way for a smooth collection tomorrow, it would be much appreciated.


  120. Laksh Says:

    P.S. We are planning on collecting at 9am in San Fran, which works out to 5pm in the UK.

    Again, thanks.

  121. James.B Says:

    Hi Guys,

    Firstly thanks for providing this service, it’s very helpful.

    It seems many lose the counterpart but I’ve lost my photocard. Although I’ve hired several cars in the UK with my passport and counterpart I’m planning to rent a car in Malaga. It’s too late to get a replacement, do you think this will cause a problem?


  122. Charlie McGrath Says:

    I am travelling to Heathrow and I can’t find my licence, I have a scanned copy of the photo part. Can I hire a car



  123. Lucy F Says:

    Similar question to that of Adrian above – my boyfriend had to surrender his licence to DVLA so points could be deducted for a speeding offence. It seems it will take six weeks to get it back. We go to Spain in three weeks and he is the only person who can drive. Is there a way to rent a car with Avis in Spain while his licence is with the DVLA?

    Many thanks

  124. Maxiema - Avis Reservations, UK Says:

    Hello all,

    To answer all of the above questions regarding licences, the main driver should have both original parts with them (no copies are accepted of the photocard). You can ask DVLA for a Certificate of Entitlement to say you do have a valid licence and that you are eligible to drive. Generally most offices here and abroad are happy to accept just the photo part but it is down to the office’s discretion.

  125. Dave Bush Says:

    We arrived at Milan airport and realised that we had left the photo card part of my driving license at home. We are now waiting to receive this by post but is there anything else we can do to help the situation? We have heard about a dvla certificate of entitlement, will this help? If not and my licence doesn’t arrive by post we are stuck for the rest of our trip.

  126. Michael O'Donnell- Reservations, UK Says:


    Avis will not accept the dvla certificate in place of the photo part of the licence.
    Unfortunately nobody will release a car to you without showing the drivers licence. So unless the licence comes in the post and you can show it at the office then you cannot rent.



  127. help with statistics homework Says:

    We arrived at Milan airport and realised that we had left the photo card part of my driving license at home. We are now waiting to receive this by post but is there anything else we can do to help the situation? We have heard about a dvla certificate of entitlement, will this help? If not and my licence doesn’t arrive by post we are stuck for the rest of our trip.

  128. Emma Says:

    We need to hire a car from Palma in Mallorca on Saturday (4 days time) and have just realsied that my photc part of the license expires today! Can I hire a car using my passport and the paper counterpart of the license?

  129. Rick Says:

    I am travelling to South Africa and cannot find the counter part to my photo license. Will I need the counter part when hiring a car in South Africa.

  130. Michael O'Donnell- Reservations, UK Says:

    Hi Rick,
    The official line with Avis is they need to see both parts, so it is best to get a hold of the paper part if you can. However, outside the UK they don’t usually ask to see it. If possible try to have it with you to avoid disapointment.



  131. Harjit Kaur Says:

    I am looking to rent a car for 7 days from Bristol Airport and i need advice as i am living in Spain my card license is with me but my paper part is in my storage place. How can you help me ? can you contact dvla on my behalf if i pay extra?

  132. Desiree - Reservations UK Says:

    Dear Harjit,

    What you can do in this occasion is contact the DVLA in advance and make sure they get a copy of your green paper part license faxed to our Avis location at Bristol Airport.

    Their fax number is 08445448929.

    This has an additional cost of £5.00, and it will be charged when you pick up the vehicle in Bristol.

    Kind regards,

    Desiree – Central Reservations UK

  133. Rob Barnes Says:


    I have a car rental booked for 19th March from Chambery Airport France. A week ago I was stopped by police for going through a no entry sign on some road works, didn’t see it, nor did six of the other cars pulled over, but I was assured it was there. Anyway, I had to give my license over to the police today for the points to be added. I asked how long it will take and they said upto six weeks. I told them I needed it for my rental and they told me I could use the endorsement slip as a tempoary license and would allow me to rent cars. Obviously this won’t include any details regarding endorsements just my license number and valid from and to dates. What is the process here? Will I be able to hire? I tried to speak the the chambray office but the message was lost in translation.


  134. Desiree - Reservations UK Says:

    Dear Rob,

    Generally when renting in Europe, the ID card is enough when picking up a car; however the green paper may need to be presented for security purposes. You can take the endorsement slip with you and you can also get an official certifiacte from DVLA which states the paper part is with them and they issue an official “provisional” copy of this. I believe this costs £5.00 and you can get the DVLA to get it faxed to you in order to take it with you when you travel.

    I hope this helps.

    Desiree – Reservations UK

  135. Lyndsey Says:

    I submitted a post over the weekend but it doesn’t seem to be on here anymore. we are due to fly to san diego on honeymoon and are planning on renting a car from Avis at the airport. My partner doesn’t have the counterpart for his license and we were wondering whether this will be a problem – please can you help put our minds at rest!
    Thank you

  136. Tanya Says:

    I am hoping you can help. I am desperately in need of a car to pick up from Inverness Airport August 3rd and to return to Glasgow Airport on August 4th. I have searched high and low for my paper license but with no joy. I do have the photo part but will not get the paper license in time if I try to order it.
    Is there any way I would still be able to rent a car?
    Kind Regards,

  137. Lesa downey Says:

    I will be hiring a car frOm Leeds Bradford later today but I only have the paper part of my license. Will this be ok ?

  138. Steve Digby Says:

    I’ve just noticed the photo part of my driving licence expired last week. As I’ve been working abroad, I guess I missed the DVLA reminder. I had planned to hire a car at Leeds Bradford airport next Friday. If there any way round this problem? The counterpart driving licence shows the entitlement date till 2027 (i.e. when I turn 70!)

  139. Desiree Says:

    Dear Steve,

    Whenever you rent with Avis UK, if you dont have your valid driver’s license with you due to it being replaced, you can get the DVLA to fax a copy of your license to the Avis pick up office. This certified cioy by the DVLA will be valid for you to pick up your rental.

    Desiree – Reservations UK

  140. Desiree Says:

    Dear Tanya,

    You can also contact the DVLA and get them to fax the paper part of your license over to Inverness Apt on 08445440364. With this copy, you will be able to rent your car from Inverness.

    Desiree -Reservations UK

  141. Jo Says:

    I am travelling to Montpellier France. My photo part of my passport has expired, I don’t have time to re-new. Would I still be able to hire with my pater licence and passport?

  142. Pippa-UK Reservations Says:

    Dear Jo,

    If your photo driving licence has expired you are able to collect your car with a valid paper counterpart licence and photographic identification (e.g. passport).

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for any other queries.

  143. David Blowers Says:

    I am desperately embarassed, but I have a reservation at Avis Lourdes-Tarbes this morning and forgotten to bring my paper license. Will they accept anything from the DVLA instead? I am more than happy to pay anything for the additional service. Thanks

  144. Desiree Says:

    Dear David,

    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, we have been experiencing some technical problems.

    In reference to your query, when renting with Avis in France from the UK, your Photo ID card will suffice to pick up your rental as most European countries only have this ID photo card.

    Desiree – Reservations UK

  145. Paul Says:


    I have a valid UK photocard and paper license, but I’ve just recently moved house, and have changed the billing address for my bank card, but haven’t got round to contacting the DVLA about changing the address on my license yet.

    It’s only been a few weeks since the move, would this prove to be a problem at pickup, as the billing address now doesn’t match with the license?

    Many thanks,


  146. Desiree Says:

    Dear Paul,

    When renting with Avis UK, the only instance in which this would be an issue is when you require a home delivery as then billing address, driver’s license address and delivery address needs to be the same one. As you are picking up however this will bot be an issue.

    Desiree – Reservations UK

  147. Dave Says:


    I have the same problem as Paul except that im hiring a car in Canada, will this be a problem?

    I have a valid UK photocard and paper license, but I’ve just recently moved house, and have changed the billing address for my bank card, but haven’t got round to contacting the DVLA about changing the address on my license yet.

    It’s only been a few weeks since the move, would this prove to be a problem at pickup, as the billing address now doesn’t match with the license?



  148. Desiree Says:

    Dear Dave,

    That will not be a problem for you to pick up the rental as the billing address and the driver’s license address only need to match when a delivery is involved.

    Desiree – Reservations UK

  149. Luke Says:

    Hi,i have booked a car for 13th sept (later today) and cant find paper part of licence anywhere. I’m renting from Paris CDG and have photcard and passport. Will i need to get DVLA to send letter of entitlement to the CDG office in advance? also i’m temporally living in Dublin but licence has UK address on, will this be an issue? as bank address does not match licence? Thanks

  150. Desiree Says:

    Dear Luke,

    When renting in France, the address from the license and the billing address do not need to match, this is only an issue in the UK with delivery addresses and driving license address.

    Regarding the paper part, across Europe, most offices only check the ID card as in most of Europe the driving licenses are only the ID photo card, and not a two part license like in the UK.

    This should not be a problem when you pick up later on today in CDG Airport.

    Desiree – Reservations UK

  151. Tim Says:


    I have booked a car rental in frankfurt in 3 days time and had my wallet stolen yesterday – I now dont have time to get a replacement licence.

    I still have the paper part – just not the ID. I cannot get through to the office in Frankfurt to check if it’s OK?

    Will they accept the paper part and the Certificate of entitlement?

  152. Desiree Says:

    Hello Tim,

    When renting outside the UK, you will require the ID card, however if you have the green paper part you will be able to rent providing you present your passport along with your paper part license. The DVLA certificate of entitlement is only valid in the UK.

    Desiree – Reservations UK

  153. Hassan Ghani Says:

    Hi there,

    I booked a car rental from the Taksim branch in Istanbul for Friday. Unfortunately I’ve only got the photocard part of my UK license and not the paper part. It was only after booking that it was made clear that both parts were required. Is there anything that can be done, such as a fax from the DVLA or similar?


  154. Grace Says:

    Hi there

    I’m hoping you can help me. My husband has one of the older style paper driving licences which he has cleverly left at home. He’d planned on renting a car in Adelaide is there anyway I could take his licence to a local Avis (I’m in Amsterdam, Netherlands) who could verify he has a licence to their Australian colleagues. Obviously he has a passport for identification purposes.

  155. LWilkinson Says:

    Hello Grace, so sorry for the late reply on this. I have double checked this information for you and unfortunately the office in Adelaide needs to have the official driver’s licence as a faxed copy is not a certified copy of the licence.

    Desiree –Reservations UK

  156. Phillip Says:

    I am renting a car in Venice in a few weeks time. I only haver an old type paper licence, is this OK or do I been a new type photo ID Licence.

  157. Nadine, Reservations Says:

    Hi Phillip,

    In Italy, the only requirement is that you have held a valid driving licence from your country of residence for at least one year. Therefore, your old style paper licence will be fine so long as you can also present your passport as a form of photographic ID.

    Enjoy your rental!

  158. Ryan Says:

    I am renting a car in the US in a few weeks time. I cannot find the ‘counterpart’ paper section of my licence, I have the photo card section; will I still be able to rent a car? Any help on this would be appreciated! :)

  159. Sabrina, Marketing Says:

    Hi Ryan-
    Yes, in the US you are ok to rent with just the valid card part of your licence.
    Our, slightly more up to date, blog may help if you click here to read it.

    Enjoy your rental!

  160. Melanie Says:


    I would like to rent a car in Montpellier next week. However, I only have my photocard and not the paper counterpart. Will I still be allowed to rent?


  161. Claire Says:

    Hello Melanie, whenever renting in the rest fo Europe, the photo ID card will suffice in order to pick up the rental.

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