The subtropical island of Cyprus, located in the Mediterranean, has most of the attributes anyone looking for a great holiday could hope for. The summer lasts on average for eight months and the average year round temperature is a pleasing 21-22°C (70-73°F) during the day.

With miles of sandy beaches such as Larnaca and Paphos, there is an abundance of relaxing space in which to soak up the sun, cool drink in hand. Should you ever tire of the beaches, almost a fifth of the island is covered in spectacular forests of breath-taking scenery and rich biodiversity.

Discovering Limassol

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Limassol (or Lemesos) is geographically the largest city in Cyprus and famous for holding the Limassol Carnival. This is usually held in February and while its origins reside in paganism it has morphed into a modern celebration characterised by fancy dress and street parties.

The Cyprian calendar is full of other great events for you to enjoy too. During the month of May, Limassol’s annual Flower Festival is held to welcome the arrival of spring.

Other festivals include the Festival of the Flood and the Festival of Ancient Greek Drama – so you’re sure to find something to do in Limassol, no matter what time of year you visit.

Exploring Cyprus

Cyprus is a relatively large island and a lot of it is rural and undeveloped. The best way to see its many sights is to rent a car in Cyprus. Taking your own car from the UK to Cyprus makes little economic sense and is far more difficult than catching a convenient flight to the island before renting a car in the local area.

You’ll need to take the necessary documents with you to do this but here at Avis we’ll make sure your car hire options are fully explained so that the process is as easy as possible.

Essentially, our Cyprus car hire is the same as it is in the UK. You’ll get the same high quality service and benefits with support as and when you need it. All our information is provided in multiple languages so you don’t need to worry about becoming fluent in Turkish or Greek before you leave – although learning a few useful phrases is still recommended for those who plan on enjoying some local bartering.

For more information about visiting Cyprus, visit the official Cyprus Tourist Office website.

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The famous birthplace of The Beatles, Liverpool has a lot of contemporary and historical attractions that charm countless tourists every year. With so much to see and explore you may want to hire a car. After all, you don’t want to miss anything do you?

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City of Culture

Bestowed with the title ‘European City of Culture’ in 2008, the tourist economy has received a significant boost and it is not hard to see why. Liverpool Cathedral is widely regarded as one of the finest examples of 20th century architecture and should be on the top of anyone’s to-do list.



Sport fans will surely be excited by Echo Arena, Goodison Park and Anfield Stadium – all of which are within a stone’s throw of the city. If practising your swing is more your cup of tea, then you’ll be spoilt for choice with several fantastic golf courses just outside Liverpool. Once again, hiring a car in Liverpool is the ideal option to connect you to all the attractions and

here at Avis we offer competitive rates and a quality of service unrivalled by our competitors.

Musical contributions

Few people can conjure up a mental image of Liverpool without considering its extraordinary contribution to music. The Cavern Club was where modern pop-rock music was born in the 60s, generating the “Mersey Beat” sounds of The Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers and The Searchers.

If a trip to The Cavern Club doesn’t exactly sound like music to your ears, then why not try the Liverpool Philharmonic? One of the most respected orchestras in all of Europe.


The architecture of the city is often compared to London and Bath, in both its beauty and the way it shapes the city. Yet, the lure of Liverpool would be nothing without its famous docks, which have made it home to some of the oldest immigrant and Chinese communities in Europe.

Renting a car in Liverpool means you‘ll be able to see everything the city has to offer, without the hassle of public transport. We offer plenty of flexible options, so whether it’s a short weekend away or an extended visit, we’ll have everything you need to settle into this fantastic city.

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Synonymous with romance and affairs of the heart, those planning a trip to Paris often do so with thoughts of love and passion in mind. The ultimate city for a romantic weekend, Paris is certainly the ideal spot for lovers, and with good reason.

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Getting there

Going to Paris has never been so easy – especially with the construction of the Euro-Tunnel. Introducing a new level of competition with ferry services and airports, the tunnel has made the English Channel crossable in more ways than we could have ever imagined and that means travelling across France is easier than ever before.

Leaving your car at home

However you decide to get to Paris, it often proves cheaper and far less hassle to leave your car back on home soil. This doesn’t necessarily mean forgoing the benefits of your own transport entirely though, with car hire in Paris the perfect compromise. With a full range of cars at your disposal through our fantastic hire options, you could even select a model set up for right-hand drive.

Those still concerned about finding their feet when it comes to driving on the right (or should that be wrong?) side of the road can also take advantage of our fantastic chauffeur driven car hire in Paris. We had a dedicated call centre open at all times to handle enquiries on this so you can get the answers you need when you need them.

Driving in Paris via our chauffeur service is perhaps the easiest and most convenient option for those unfamiliar with French roads and all of our drivers are thoroughly checked to ensure you get a high quality service.

Not only does this option give you the luxurious feeling of being driven around one of Europe’s most famous cities but you’ll also have chance to enjoy all the sights and sounds of the iconic landscape without having to worry about remembering different rules of the road.

What to do?

Rich in culture, Paris is a culinary paradise full of different types of food: from Algerian to Indian; Russian to Vietnamese. Many people would find it quite impossible to go to France without sampling wine from their hundreds of vineyards. Cotes de Rhone, Bordeaux and Chinon are all fine wines you can expect to find served in most bistros, restaurants and bars.

In terms of historical attractions, what can be more romantic than visiting such historically rich landmarks as the Arc de Triomphe or the famous Bastille? Le Marais is a district of Paris which is home to some of the oldest architecture the city has to offer and has been beautifully preserved.

Avenue Montaigne is where some of the world’s finest brand labels are housed and for those with an interest in fashion there will be plenty of luxury items to keep you happy. If art and culture is your thing, you won’t want to miss the Montparnasse district with its art studios and music halls.

Of course, no romantic getaway to Paris would be complete without a glimpse of the remarkable and breath-taking Eiffel Tower – especially when seen lit-up at night. In order to make sure you don’t miss a thing, be sure to plan your journey in advance so you can squeeze as much in as possible.

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Australia offers vast expanses of nothingness that are just waiting to be explored. The country is approximately 31 times the size of the UK, giving you massive scope for a road trip.

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There are many popular travel destinations in Australia giving you plenty of choice for travel. Some of the more popular locations for tourists include: Sydney, Cairns, Gold Coast and Fraser – but there are plenty of other destinations which you should consider when planning a road trip in Australia.

In the Outback

For the more adventurous people out there why not plan a trip to the Australian outback? The Outback is a colloquial term used to describe the most remote areas of Australia.

Much of central Australia and the Northern territory form part of the Outback and these areas are vast, remote and arid. With all this considered, you will need a reliable mode of transport and this is where Avis can help you. We offer car hire services in most of Australia’s big cities, giving you freedom to start your road trip from almost any area of the country you like.

Driving in Australia gives you the opportunity to take in the country’s spectacular scenery. With one of our fantastic vehicles you can gain access to some of Australia’s most remote locations – giving you a holiday experience unlike any other.

Choosing your route

There are many routes that you can follow in the Outback but Birdsville Track, Gibb River Road and Corner County are the most popular amongst travellers.

Gibb River Road can only be travelled using a 4 x 4 vehicle and it offers spectacular landscape as you drive through the Kimberley region and arrive at the sea near Derby. Corner Country gives drivers the opportunity to visit Cameron corner, an area where South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales meet.

You can decide to take one of the routes described above or go it alone and navigate your own way through the vast expanses of the Australian Outback. Whilst we can provide you with GPS technology to help you on your way we recommend planning your route in advance to ensure you don’t get lost in the expanse of the Australian Outback.

The details of this blog post were correct at the time of publication. Offers are subject to change. Please check the website for confirmation.

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In the modern world, technology has undoubtedly taken over every aspect of our lives. No matter how good your car may be, you will undoubtedly have invested in at least of few of the most popular car gadgets to aid you on your journey – whether these be satellite navigation devices or in-car headsets.

© Copyright Avis

Whilst a number of car accessories serve a practical function, they can also provide you with entertainment for lengthy car journeys. There are many driving gadgets on the market, ranging from blind spot detection systems to speed assistance – but what are the best?


Probably one of the most popular and useful of all car devices is GPS . Route planning devices take advantage of GPS technology and can pinpoint your exact location anywhere in the world by using satellites that orbit the Earth.

Gone are the days of having to read maps whilst driving – although it is recommended that you make a rough plan of your journey before departing to combat any potential errors with your sat nav. Here at Avis, our cars can now be booked with a GPS device to help you on your journey – so you can get all the benefits of modern technology with your hire car.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Ever wanted to access your emails or update your social media whilst in your car? Well now you can thanks to our mobile Wi-Fi device. It is an ideal item for businessmen/women who want to keep up to date with work from the comfort of their car and makes business trips a walk in the park.

There are no cables attached to the device and you don’t have to mess around with compatibility software either. This mobile Wi-Fi gadget also allows you to connect to five devices at once – covering everything from your laptop to your smartphone or computer tablet.


For those interested in home comforts, there are plenty of options available. Portable espresso making devices are perfect for those who have a long journey ahead but should not be allowed to act as a distraction to those in control of the vehicle. A great way to entertain children is car DVD players that can be attached to the back of the front passenger’s headrest and transported with ease.

In-car entertainment allows you to listen to your favourite songs whilst on the road as your passenger takes control of how to do this. Whether they opt to put on music using a traditional CD, USB, MP3 in-put or stream tracks from a smartphone, this will help ensure all journeys are as comfortable as they should be.

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First recorded in The Doomsday Book in 1086 as ‘Bristelmestune’, Brighton’s status as a real tourist resort wasn’t achieved until rail links from London connected the coastal city in the 1840s.

The attraction of Brighton

What drew people to Brighton then and now were its beaches. Miles of shingle coast bursting with an abundance of bars, clubs, restaurants and shops made it one of the most popular resorts in the UK; something which the passage of time has left unaltered.

© Copyright Oast House Archive and licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Licence

The eastern part of the beach, located beside the colourful district of Kemptown, has a popular nudist beach, marina, cinemas and plenty of local pubs. Undoubtedly the star attraction of Brighton beach is the Palace Pier which provides rides, fresh seafood and places to drink in one of the only surviving traditional pleasure piers in the country.

The West Pier, once the main rival of the Palace Pier, was closed in 1975 and subsequently destroyed by two fires in 2003. Despite this, it remains an iconic if slightly ghoulish and skeletal feature of the seafront landscape.

Getting to Brighton

Brighton train station is only a short walk from the seafront but to truly enjoy the Sussex downs it is recommended to hire a car. Located in Sussex, Brighton is surrounded by many wonderfully quaint villages such as Alfriston and Lewes, the site of Arundel Castle and once home of ‘Rights of Man’ author and political activist Thomas Paine.

Weekend car hire would be the easiest way of venturing out to these often overlooked places and we provide plenty of high quality hire options for those looking to travel in this area. Of course, our rental options aren’t only limited to those visiting Brighton on a short trip, with long term car hire available through our Avis Flex scheme.

This gives you the choice of our full range of cars with benefits such as no deposit allowing you to get on the road quickly and easily. The minimum period of hire for this option is 28 days and bills are issued monthly so you can slip the cost into your usual budget with greater ease. You’ll even be able to add an additional driver – meaning that car rental in Brighton could give you more time and freedom to visit all the great attractions found in this seaside paradise.

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For the best part of two millennia, London has been one of the most culturally and economically important cities in the world. Anyone who has visited the English capital will speak of the vast array of sights and attractions – but which are the best?

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Historical landmarks

Each year millions of people from all over the world flock to visit and be photographed alongside London attractions such as Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye. In total there are around 40,000 listed buildings and more than 150 ancient monuments all within this one city.

As aesthetically pleasing as they might be there is far more to a successful trip to London than posing with Beefeaters and feeding pigeons in Trafalgar Square.

Galleries and museums

London is home to some of the UK’s finest galleries and museums – with 22 national museums and 200 other museums residing within the city’s limits.

The National Gallery displays works by Botticelli, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravaggio and many other iconic pieces while the Tate Modern houses collections by Picasso, Lichtenstein, Warhol and other more contemporary styles.

If the painted medium is not your cup of tea you might wish to pay a visit to the British Museum. This houses artefacts from the Ancient Egyptians, displays from the Greek Bronze Age and prehistoric Europe and much more.

Modern sights

In terms of modern attractions, the wax models of Madame Tussauds are an obvious attraction that cannot be missed. Few of us get the chance to stand beside the rich and famous but here you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to posing with your favourite stars!

For those who want to glimpse the iconic skyline of London, a trip on the London Eye is perfect. This gives a bird’s eye view of everything the city has to offer, whilst those after a viewpoint closer to the ground may prefer bus or river tours.

Travelling around London

London Transport takes many forms, from buses and bicycle hire to the London Underground tube network and overground railways. London was actually the first city to have an underground rail network, and whilst the Tube still performs well today, it may be advisable to choose car hire instead.

Whilst all London’s locations are easily accessible via the Tube, multiple line changes may be needed and this can cause confusion to some travellers. Those with a fear of confined spaces can also find the carriages too cramped for their liking – making London car hire far more pleasant.

Here at Avis, we offer a range of hire options so you can focus on enjoying the sights and sounds of London rather than worrying about your travel arrangements.

You can even add an extra driver to your hire agreement to share the burden of city driving. Our flexible fuel options are also extremely convenient, meaning you can get on with enjoying your trip. Whether you choose to the option of a full tank before you depart, paying for what you use on your return or returning it with a full tank of fuel – we’re eager to provide a service which matches your needs perfectly.

For more information about visiting London, visit

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Few contemporary artists are celebrated by the average man as much as the mysterious king of counter culture, Banksy. His subversive brands of humour, rejection of conformity, authority and warfare have captured the imagination of many, whilst his remarkable talents have impressed the art world.

Photo by Dan Taylor on Flickr

Starting off as a youngster with a sharp sense of humour, keen political eye and a talented hand with a spray can, he is now one of the most successful and celebrated artists of his generation. An accomplished political activist and film director, Banksy’s street art is undoubtedly his biggest achievement. The artist has been referenced in many areas of popular culture, guest starring as a character on hit comedy The Simpsons and designing the album sleeve for Blur’s “Think Tank” album.

Bristol – the home of Banksy?

Banksy’s artwork has sprung up on the walls and pavements of many towns and cities, notably London, Brighton and California. However his work is most evident in Bristol, widely believed to be his hometown.

It is for this reason that many of his fans make the pilgrimage to Bristol, hunting out his most famous artistic offerings. Much of Banksy’s early work from 1998-2001 was considered by many as little more than vandalism, with much of his work destroyed and painted over. Thankfully today, some great examples still exist in the city with the demand for Banksy originals resulting in entire walls being auctioned off, removed and shipped to private collections and galleries.

Visiting Bristol

Bristol is a large city spread over a considerable distance and Banksy’s work can be found on almost every street corner. Driving in Bristol will provide you with plenty of opportunity to catch a glimpse of his iconic art whilst viewing the stunning skyline of this beautiful city.

Here at Avis we provide plenty of options for car rental in Bristol so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Competitive prices and high quality services mean you’ll benefit from numerous features and get the car hire experience you deserve.

Bristol car hire provides you with the means to explore the length of breadth of this fantastic city, with more than just the artwork of Banksy to keep you occupied. Whether you stick within the city limits or take a trip over Clifton Suspension Bridge and visit the Welsh country, all you need is a little research, a map (or sat nav) and one of our fantastic hire cars.

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Nice is believed to be amongst the oldest human settlements in Europe and remains one of the most popular cosmopolitan tourist resorts in Europe. A hub for arts and culture enthusiasts, those interested in visiting this beautiful region will find plenty to keep them entertained.

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Opéra de Nice

Throughout history, Nice has changed hands many times leaving it as culturally rich and architecturally stimulating as any other European city. Home to some of the most beautiful squares France has to offer, the Opéra de Nice which was built in the 19th Century still provides locals and tourists with regular performances and plenty of fantastic attractions.

Nice Cathedral

A remarkable building dating back to the 17th Century with an ornate frontage and beautiful bell tower, relics retained from Saint Reparata make this one place you can’t afford to omit from your itinerary. The city also offers botanical gardens, monuments, theatres, observatories and an impressive waterfall on the Colline du Chateau.

The Collection of the Museum of Modern Arty and Contemporary Art

No trip to Nice would be complete without paying a visit to The Collection of the Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art (Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain or ‘MAMAC’), situated by Place Garibaldi.

Just a short drive from the station, hiring a car can easily connect you with this fantastic attraction which boasts nine showrooms bursting with displays of artistic excellence.

Travelling to Nice

The English have long travelled to this enticing corner of France – and for good reason. It is well served by an airport, train station, port, and tram network. For those who really want to explore its beauty should consider car hire in France, leave the well-worn tourist trail and venture into the surrounding countryside.

Our wide range of comprehensive car hire means, whatever you need, you’ll be sure to find something to suit all your needs. On top of that, all of our services come with fantastic promises that ensure you get the best possible service.

Our three-minute promise, which guarantees you’ll receive your finalised rental agreement in just a couple of minutes, is available in almost 500 locations across the world including Nice airport, so you don’t have to worry about a lengthy rental process interfering with your holiday.

You need to have signed up for our Free Avis Preferred Membership to qualify but doing so will see you clutching the keys to your hire car in three minutes or less.

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Bright lights, the buzz of people milling about and cold crisp winter air; nothing gets you into the spirit of Christmas like a spot of festive shopping. Unlike shopping at any other time of the year, finding the perfect gift often requires substantial thought and a trip to at least one or two Christmas markets.

© Copyright David Dixon and licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Licence

Christmas in Manchester

Manchester Christmas market boasts over two hundred stalls with a remarkable choice of exotic food and drink. Local and European producers are all on hand to offer a diverse range of gift ideas which you won’t find on your average high street and this helps to make Christmas truly magical.

The market is geared not just towards the concept of offering outlets for gifts but actively making the process of Christmas shopping as enjoyable, relaxing and festive as possible. Whether or not you have a definitive list of presents for family and friends, the vast possibilities on display will soon have you thinking outside the festively decorated box.

The best way to explore Christmas markets

For those interested in sampling the delights of Christmas markets in Manchester, finding a suitable way to get there is naturally important. Like any large city, driving in Manchester is a great option. Getting you from ‘A’ to ‘B’ with little or no fuss, ample parking in the city means that you’ll be able to fill your car with festive goodies.

For those who choose to rent a car in Manchester to do their Christmas shopping, we have plenty of options available. These offer plenty of flexibility to ensure you have a bespoke agreement which matches your needs perfectly – ensuring your shopping trip runs as smoothly as possible.

Struggling with heavy shopping is not anyone’s idea of a great time and in a city the size of Manchester car hire is an efficient way of getting about. Don’t limit your gift ideas to the same old run of the mill purchases, go somewhere a little further afield and bring back something truly spectacular – the facial expression of the recipient come Christmas Day will be all the thanks you need.

For more information on shopping and other things to do in Manchester, visit

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