Located in the heart of Andalucía, Malaga is the capital of the ‘Costa de Sol’. Enjoying almost 300 days of sun a year, the city is a popular destination for holiday-makers. Away from the beautiful weather, Malaga is a very unique city visually, having been influenced by an array of cultures over time, such as; the Romans, Vice Goths and Moors.

If you want to explore the cultural sites of Malaga, start your trip off at one of the most popular landmarks; The Roman Theatre, which is the oldest monument in the city and has remained buried underground for centuries. Very close to the theatre is La Alcazaba, a Roman fortification that gives you a 360 degree view of the city. It was built in the 8th century and it is probably the best-preserved Moorish fortress palace in Spain. If you love panoramic views check out the Gibralfaro Castle, located on a foothill, 130 m high overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Malaga city centre is always full of life throughout the year. In Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square), the city celebrates some of its most popular festivals like the Feria, where people from all over Spain travel to Malaga to spend a few days of dancing, food and fun.

Malaga’s cuisine is very popular and varied. Some of the local hang outs are named as ‘Chiringuitos’ which are located on beaches throughout the Costa del Sol. They serve anything from popular local cuisines, fresh fish dishes, homemade paella and gazpacho.

If you want a bit of the high life, pampering and luxury why not rent a car from Malaga and drive 40 minutes down to Marbella. This popular holiday destination is filled with beautiful beaches, well known golf resorts, and one of the most exclusive marinas areas of Spain, Puerto Banus.

In full, Malaga is filled with an array of activities. From the historical city centre to the luxury life of Marbella, there is always something to see!

For more information about hiring an Avis car in Malaga, visit the following branches:

Malaga Airport

Malaga Train station

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With a history spanning across 2,500 years, Rome is not only one of the most ancient cities in Europe, it is a popular destination for holiday makers. During it’s history, the city developed from a small Latin village into the centre of European politics and culture, capital of the once Roman Empire, and the now capital of Italy. From the Coliseum to the Pantheon, the Vatican to St Peter’s Basilica, Rome is a haven of history.
It is a bustling city, split into several districts including the historical centre, Vatican, Colesseo, and Trastevere just to name a few. It is full of sites to explore and moments to capture, so be sure to see as much as possible by picking up a car at Rome Fiumicino airport to help you get around.

If you want to experience Rome’s history, then the first stop is the Coliseum. With the echo of Gladiator tournaments, games and entertainment, it is Rome’s largest architectural structure. Continue your visit through time by visiting the Pantheon, which was dedicated as a temple to all the gods during the reign of the ancient empire. Moving forward in history, wander through the foundations of Christianity, St Peter’s Basilica, located in the heart of the Vatican city, the resting place of 100 tombs and 91 Popes. Continue through to the Vatican Museum which is home to the Sistine Chapel and Raphael Rooms to experience the wondrous work of Michalenangelo.
For those of you who love music, make sure you book yourself a ticket to the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, which often puts on some of the best operatic productions in Europe. If you prefer to wonder through galleries, explore some of the world class art exhibitions that Rome has on offer including: Galleria Borghese, Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna and Museo Nazionale di Villa Giulia amongst many others.
The best way to get to know the real Rome is to wonder through the small winding labyrinth of streets joining up with quaint Piazzas. Enjoy a rich cappuccino, a sweet gelato or a big bowl of homemade spaghetti whilst soaking up the sun, culture and ambience this cosmopolitan city has on offer.
For more information about hiring an Avis car in Rome, visit the following branches:
Ciampino Airport
Rome Central Train Station
Rome Centre
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With 7000 years of history, a reputation for safety and hospitality, a jam packed calendar of events and exhibitions throughout the year and not forgetting beaches, activities, nightlife and excellent restaurants, Malta and the Maltese Islands certainly have a lot going for them.

Malta covers just over 316 km2, making it one of the world’s smallest countries, yet what it lacks in size it more than compensates for in the sheer vastness of potential to “discover”. Potential that is limited only by your own imagination and what you wish to achieve from your vacation or short-break.
A car is an absolute must if you want to go off the beaten track and enjoy the Maltese Islands at your leisure. What better way to do so then by collecting your car from the Avis Car Hire branch at Malta International Airport? Or if you don’t particularly feel like driving right upon arrival, then Avis can deliver to any Hotel or Accommodation address for maximum convenience.
Being very well serviced all year round by national airlines including the low cost airlines, as well as being only a few short hours from every major European capital, Malta lends itself very well to both longer vacations and short-breaks.
Family fun is guaranteed throughout the year with outdoor living, beaches and a whole raft of activities to choose from such as museums, attractions, art exhibitions, theme parks, petting farms, movie sets, harbour cruises, horse-riding, hiking and mountain-bike tracks. The list is endless and complemented by excellent weather conditions all year round.
In fact Malta is alive with concerts and open-air music events, arts and crafts, sports and activity, exhibitions and shows, feasts and carnivals, perfect for people of all ages.
So whether you like a bit of art in your life (check out the National Museum of Fine Arts,which actively encourages both established and budding artists); or fancy a bit of theatre and music (we’ve got one of the oldest theatre in Europe! – Valletta’s Manoel Theatre as well as two opera houses in Victoria (Gozo), supplemented by several open-air venues offering a huge selection of plays, musicals, operas and concerts); or indeed fancy something a bit more racy (major music concerts starring top international artists are held every summer and we’ve also become a bit of a hub for the clubbing scene too, attracting top DJs on the circuit)…Then Malta’s just cut out for you! The main nightlife clubbing action is in the Sliema, St. Julians and Paceville areas where you’ll be spoilt for choice.

In a nutshell, few other destinations can rival the Maltese Islands (Malta, Gozo and Comino). The small size of the islands translates into a tremendous advantage, because you can get so much done with a car especially if you decide to rent one of the Avis GPRS units which we’ve already pre-programmed with the major sites of interest.
For more information about hiring an Avis car in Malta visit the following branches:


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If you prefer city trips then Madrid is the place for you. It is packed with sites, activities and areas to explore over the summer months. The centre is full of history filled with ornate architecture such as; Plaza de España, Plaza Mayor and Plaza de Cibeles to name a few.
Discovering the inner city is easily achieved on foot, yet to guarantee you see as much as possible from this central European destination, pick up a car from Avis at the airport to weave in and out of the greater city
If you are a sporting fan, make sure you visit the Santiago Bernabeu stadium for a live game. Football is inherent in the culture, where historical landmarks meet sporting events such as the Cibeles Fountain (situated in the middle of the Plaza Mayor) where Real Madrid players celebrate their victories. (If you support Atletico de Madrid then celebrations take place at the Neptuno Fountain)
If you prefer a bit of retail therapy, Madrid is a great place shop. Wonder across the Gran Via towards Puerta del Sol for well-known retailers mixed in with local Spanish brands. The neighbourhood known as Salamanca down the popularly known ‘Gold Mile’ plays host to high end designers and luxury boutiques to choose from.
For a culinary experience that will give you a taste of Spain, Madrid has a lot to offer. You can find a mixture of both international and national restaurants with great tasting food. Enjoy traditional Tapas and local dishes in the Plaza Mayor or the area La Latina, whilst sitting outside on the terraces filled with a lively ambient. Why not take a stroll in El Retiro, a beautiful central park taking you away from the hustle and bustle of the city after your meal.
If you want to soak up some culture, there is always the Prado Museum, which is home to one of the most complete collections of European art, including some highly respected Spanish artists such as Velazquez and Goya.
In full, Madrid has an array of things to do and see therefore making a perfect pit stop on your travels this summer.
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Alicante is one of the best known cities across the White Coast of Spain. With its pine tree boulevards, vast beaches, shopping streets and good climate it is a popular destination for tourism in the summer. Pick up a car from Alicante airport and take a drive along the harbour for a beautiful view of both the cities coastline and port.

The city and harbour are situated by the Benacantil Mountain at the foot of the Santa Barbara fortress.
Crammed full of culture and history, there are plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Some of the great sites to visit are the gothic church of Santa Maria or the Casa de la Asegurad Museum filled with contemporary art from the likes of Picasso, Miro and Chillida to name a few.
The beach is a highly popular destination in Alicante with the Explanada de Espana promenade, located across from the port and paved with lively terraces and cafes adding a Cosmopolitan feel to the city.
On hot summer evenings enjoy the open air concerts in the green parks and public squares and try out the local cuisine where rice dishes take centre stage, being cooked in a million different ways.
Take your car and drive 23km away from Alicante to discover the Canelobre Caves, which are renowned for their intricate interiors making you feel as if you are standing within an elaborate cathedral. If you prefer a bit of adventure, take a boat out to the island of Tabarca surrounded by crystalline waters and volcanic rock to enjoy a totally unspoilt view of sun and sea.
Alicante is the city to relax and to enjoy, so imagine if you will, sun on your skin with the roof of your car down whilst driving through boulevards for a perfect summer.
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With some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, this Balearic Island is sandwiched in a melting pot of culture, with Italy, Croatia and Greece just a few of the countries found on its borders.

Even though small in size, there is a vast amount to discover, so it is useful to have a car at your disposal, allowing you time, freedom and a bit of adventure on your travels. On arrival pick up your car from us at the Avis Car hire branch at Mallorca airport. With so much to see whilst on holiday, you want to be sure that you can be as mobile as possible; enjoying all the sites Mallorca has to offer.


Mallorca has a wide variety of activities to choose from across the island. We recommend a trip to the capital, La Palma, one of the most visited locations in Mallorca. Being a coastal location, you will discover an array of restaurants to enjoy local cuisines such as the Ensaimada Mallorquina, a sweet pastry made on the island and fresh seafood dishes.

If you prefer a bit of retail therapy, be sure to visit the city centre, Paseo del Borne, filled with well-known brands to local boutiques. For those who like sporting activities, Mallorca has an array of locations along the coast, such as Serra Tramuntana (an area full of natural landscapes to climb, hike, bike and discover) or Cabrera for its range of wildlife (perfect for a great family outing).

Part of Mallorca’s charm being an island, is its picturesque playas and calas. Surrounded by greenery, crystal waters and white sand, it is a must see when visiting the area. Below we have highlighted just a few for your travels.

Calas de Mallorca

We recommend driving up to the Calas de Mallorca first. These beaches are situated around the three lovely coves of Cala Domingos Grans, Cala Domingos Petits and Cala Antena. With white sand and beautiful blue water, this is a postcard worthy image to capture.


Visit the award winning beach of S’Amarador, which often tops polls as one of the best beaches in Europe. It’s one of two beautiful beaches in the Mondrago Natural Park on the south east coast of the island with stunning scenery and picturesque landscapes to drive through. Surrounded by pine trees, this unspoilt beach offers incredible views of the Mediterranean terrain.

Es Trenc

Another beach to visit is Es Trenc. Situated only 24 miles away from Mallorca’s capital, La Palma in the area known as Campos, it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

In full, wherever you decide to visit on the island of Mallorca you will never be far away from a beautiful beach, outdoor activities or a new discovery, which is why it is one of the world’s best holiday destinations.

For more information about hiring an Avis car in Mallorca visit the following branches:

Palma De Mallorca Bartomeo
Cala D’Or
Cala Millor
Puerto Alcudia
Santa Ponsa

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Tenerife is also known as the ‘Island of Eternal Spring’ due it’s all year round warm climate and is visited by more than five million people each year!
Explore the volcanic terrain by renting a car at Avis and driving through the natural park of Teide.

Explore the hidden mountain villages and towns or if you prefer a bit more relaxation, discover some of the unspoiled beaches and pools such as La Laja or El Viento just to name a few.
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Drive around Murcia – Avis Car Hire in Spain
Murcia is located in the heart of the White Coast of Spain making it one of the most popular summer destinations for tourism.
Start your trip by renting a car from the Avis branch at San Javier Airport. Head north by taking the Mediterranean Motorway to Torrevieja filled with an unspoiled coastline. Have a pit stop at San Pedro’s Natural Park filled with an array of wildlife. Alternatively head south and visit the area known as La Union in August, and join in with the popular flamenco festival. Drive a few miles further west to find the city of Cartagena, and explore the Roman ruins.
Finish your driving trip at Calblanque beach for some time out and before returning your Avis car back at the airport take make sure you visit La Mancha and Minor Sea for a good grill and paella!
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“Does anyone fancy going to Le Mans this year?”
“Yeah, why not!”


A seemingly innocent question, a simple answer. Little did I realise then what I was letting myself in for.

The “24 Heures du Mans” is the world’s oldest endurance motor race, held annually near the town of Le Mans in northern France. The race is an endurance test, with the winner being the team who have covered the longest distance within 24 hours. It is the ultimate test of endurance for both the drivers and the cars.  And the spectators!

Having bought the circuit tickets, the camping tickets, and the channel crossing, the next thought was what car to take.  The obvious choice was to take the BMW Z4M that my friend recently bought for his “weekend toy”.  A small, two-seater sports car would be perfect for the trip down the autoroutes of Northern France.  We checked the boot to make sure we could fit the tent, two camping chairs, a bag of clothes each and a camera bag, and we were good to go.



Except then the insurance company wouldn’t allow an additional driver to be added to the car for European cover!

So our thoughts turned to what exciting car we could hire.  Avis Select Series offers the kind of interesting car that wouldn’t be too out of place at one of the world’s most prestigious motoring events. Or how about a flight or train to Paris to pick up one of the French prestige fleet (Porsches, Audis and Mercedes are all available) and drive from there.



The final decision was to go for something practical and efficient as well as interesting, so we chose a BMW 5 Series. Driving from the UK to France in a hire car requires additional Continental Cover and it’s worth making sure you get that in place as early as possible. It isn’t bookable online so you will need to call the call centre.  They can also help you to make sure you have all the right documents required for driving on the continent.

Once the car was sorted, we could focus again on what we have to take. With the space restriction of the Z4M removed (BMW 5s have enormous boots!) the list grew slightly from the original “take what we need and buy the rest out there” list. Some online research uncovered one list that had over 110 items to take, including a generator, TV, DVD player and Christmas lights!  We decided to be a little bit more restrained than that and just take the essentials for a long weekend camping: tent, sleeping bags, camping chairs, barbecues, cameras, first aid kit, an umbrella and a raincoat (well, we are English, and it’s bound to rain!).

And that is everything sorted out, for now.  Tickets, car, stuff.  Now it’s just a few weeks until departure day, and we can start to get excited about the trip and my first taste of endurance racing.


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Completing the Select Series line-up, we have a truly class act… the new Mercedes A-Class.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class SE

Introducing the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Whether you’re weaving through city streets or cruising the countryside, the A-Class is every bit as agile and sporty as it looks.

This four-door hatch has the road manners of a sports coupe, and has to be driven to be believed. Guarantee yours today!



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