My name is Paul Lewis and I am the Senior Station Manager at London Heathrow Airport. I have worked at this location in a number of roles over the past 8 years and I have always been passionate about customer service and the challenges of meeting ever changing customer expectation.

The team at Avis, Heathrow are fully committed to delivering an excellent service to our customers and we have, over the years, implemented a number of new products and services aimed at enhancing the customer experience at this rental office. These include the introduction of extra customer service agents at peak periods, free water in the summer, free wi-fi on site, a customer help point in the car park, GPS for hire, the new, easy to read rental agreement, customer service training for all our staff, vending machines for refreshments and, most recently, the partnership with Baby On Board to provide a fantastic baby seat product and service. It has been satisfying to see these lead to gradual improvements in our customer satisfaction scores.

The last 6 months has, however, caused us to stand back and review what we are currently doing. Whilst our overall service levels have improved we are noticing that the customers are left feeling that the emotional experience could have been more rewarding.

We are always challenging ourselves to deliver a great service to our customers so, if I’m honest, we’ve taken this feedback a little to heart. Now we feel more driven than ever to improve our service. But we can’t do anything without you. So if you’ve rented with us then please tell me what you think. Where do you feel we need to improve? What can we do to improve your rental experience? I am open to any ideas to help us provide the best possible experience at Avis, Heathrow airport.

We might not be able to distract you completely from the stress of the overall airport experience but hopefully make a small part of your journey more enjoyable.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions.


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3 Responses to “Help us at Heathrow”

  1. Robert Says:

    Let me kick this one off… :-)
    From a personal point of view, I have had nothing but fantastic service at LHR.
    Yes, there have been the odd glitches here and there, but that is to be expected, and the excellent service I usually get, more then makes up for it.
    My close family probably hire cars from Avis at LHR about 10 times a year (my family, not me, as I can’t get away with so few rentals…) and all seem to be very happy with the service (lucky for me, since I always book it for them…)
    I sit on the board of directors in our company, and one of my responsibilities is the company’s travel policy.
    I make sure Avis is used when ever possible, and we have had good experience including at LHR where I always make sure any colleagues arriving from our offices abroad hire their cars from.
    We used to work with one of the other larger companies (who’s name I will not mention) and we had endless trouble with them that just never seemed to sort itself out.
    If I have any criticism it is that it can take a while sometimes if something does need sorting out in the office itself rather then just picking up the car and driving away.
    But the staff are always very nice, and friendly no matter what time of day or night.

    The shuttle bus from the Terminal usually runs frequently and rarely have I had to wait for one for more then 5 minutes.
    In fact they are usually there when I come out, and leave immediately as I get on.
    What does concern me as a regular BA flyer is what it’s going to be like when T5 opens.
    The journey from there to the Avis station is going to take I think about 10 minutes longer then it currently takes to T4.
    That’s a long ride, and I just hope that the frequency of shuttles will continue to be good from there as well, as people don’t want to hang around waiting for the shuttle bus when they know they still have a 15-20 minutes drive when it does come.
    It would be great if Avis could have cars waiting for their customers at the Terminal (like in LGW, TLV, NCE, AMS and many other places) but then I know Avis simply don’t have the facilities to do so.

    Bottom line is I am generally very happy with the service at Avis Heathrow, and for that I thank you Paul and your team.
    I think you are doing an excellent job.


  2. Irving Tasker Says:

    Dear Paul,
    I returned GBBP57OVN on 2008-02-26 at 04:53 to HR. Unfortunately I left my small, brown zip-up purse with an important disc-on-key inside. This has caused me a great deal of anxiety. Please contact me at this e-mail address to arrange its return to me so that I can see for myself your after sales service of “We Try Harder”.

    Thank you in advance,

    Mr. Irving Tasker
    Quality Auditor, More Energy of Medis Technologies

  3. Katie Dijzel Says:

    I frequently travel from South Africa to the UK to visit my family and usually use Avis as the rates are good and the service excellent.
    However, my one niggle is that I am often given a vehicle which does not accommodate 3 child booster seats across the back seat! I have 4yr old twins and a 9yr old, all requiring boosters. If both my husband and myself are travelling too, we would expect to fit a family of 5 in a family car, without having to go to the considerable expense of renting a 7-seater people mover! The only car which accommodates 3 booster seats on the back row is (from experience) the Renualt Grand Scenic. Last time I visited in December we were given a Vauxhall Zafira which is definitely narrower but according to your staff, was bigger. It was near impossible to fit 3 seats across the back without one of them hanging over the lip of the seat and having to force shut the door! I would like to see more knowledge about your fleet and how the current booster seats fit in – especially where families are concerned. In a country where it is the law that children are in boosters, I obviously want to adhere to that, but it would be nice to have a car that was just that little bit wider to accommodate the seats. I will be renting from you again on 27 June and hope that we are issued with an appropriate car to fit my 3 children!

    Katie Dijzel

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