By now, everyone must have seen the fanfare and numerous news items about the opening of the new St Pancras Eurostar station and Ebbsfleet International in Kent. St Pancras station, built over 100 years ago, has been refurbished to the tune of £800M and the new High Speed 1 line has cut the time to Paris to only 2hr 15min. The trains reach an amazing 186mph which means you can leave London in the morning and be on the Champs Elysees for lunch.

Ebbsfleet International, which opened yesterday, is located just off Junction 2 of the M25 in Kent. It’s a modern, beautifully designed station which will soon become the fastest way to Europe. As well as servicing the Eurostar trains, high-speed domestic services will begin in 2009, taking travellers to St Pancras in 17 minutes, at speeds of up to 140mph.

And if you need a car, we’re pleased to say that we can be found in or near both locations. Avis has the exclusive contract to supply car hire at Ebbsfleet International and our office can be found on the station concourse. However, if London is your destination and you’re arriving at St Pancras, you can either take a short walk or if you prefer to take a taxi because you are laden with bags, children or are just too plain tired, our staff will refund the full cost of your taxi journey from St Pancras to our Euston rental station.

Personally, I’m looking forward to trying out the new Eurostar service to France. This means I can take back my crown from Rob as the blog team travel guru!!

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13 Responses to “Ebbsfleet and St Pancras”

  1. William Turvill Says:

    What a pity that disabled passengers have not been provided with the escalators from the Fasttrack bus stop up the slope that they are entitled to!

  2. Nick Scales Says:

    With the redevelopment of St Pancras & Kings Cross including the new western concourse at Kings Cross why has Avis not provided a collection/drop off office at least?
    Avis are SNCF car rental provider and offer Train + Auto products in France and other key European destinations so why didn’t Avis take one of the units at the St.Pancras/Kings Cross redevelopment.
    Most overseas visitors who may be choosing to rent a car will not know how close Euston is to St Pancras International. An arrivals office or desk such as thoose at Airports would be useful.

  3. Matt Glass- Head of Network, Avis UK Says:

    I’m glad to hear that you’d like Avis to be at St Pancras as so would we ! We are talking to them about a desk but it may still be a few months before we see a full operation. In the meantime though, we’re happy to reimburse the cost of the taxi fare from St Pancras to our Euston location at 88 Eversholt Street and we’ll also run you back to St Pancras when you return the car. Of course, don’t forget that we already have a full operation at the new Ebbslfeet Station with cars available and conveniently parked outside the station itself.

  4. Matt Glass- Head of Network, Avis UK Says:

    William, thanks for your comment. I can’t say I know exactly where you mean but, if you would like to take this further please let me have your contact details and I’ll happily pass them onto my contact there so they can directly follow up on your comments

  5. A Matts Says:

    I went to Ebbsfleet station recently on a trip to Paris. It’s very well planned lay out, all clean and new. I found that the area has changed, however they have a express bus service, I went to near by Bluewater Shopping Centre for bars and restaurant as the local area in Ebbsfleet is not developed yet. I discovered a cheap hotel and found on tripadvisor for Ebbsfleet Hotel, they had more information on where to park the car too. I think Bluewater is great for gifts and present shopping.

  6. Barry Green Says:

    I really do enjoy getting my oh-so-regular mails from Avis advising me of the great fantastic and wonderful offers that AVIS have these days.Especially well promoted are deals for travel! Including (In today’s mail) coming to London! All well and good.
    I am unable to hire a car at St Pancras because it is closed at a ridiculous hour of the day!!!
    Airports have extended opening hours, and as more people avail themselves of alternative and Greener forms of transport, why do the train stations not follow suit? In a nutshell, My wife is 8 months pregnant and we would like to attend a christening in Dartford, Kent. We live in Cologne in Germany, so we booked the Eurostart etc to St Pancras, arriving at 13h03. A connection to Dartford excludes the stress of driving in London and the congestion charge. We arrive in Dartford around 2pm or 2.30pm but CAN NOT GET A HIRE CAR! I am even prepared to get on from St PAncras, but this is ALSO closed. . .only open from 8am to 12 noon. Great! If I want to avail myself of a hire car at a time outside these hours, well, of course, this will cost me.
    WE TRY HARDER?!?!?!?! PROVE IT AVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Barry, it is possible to arrange a out of hours pick-up. However, I must stress that this is available on-request only (once confirmed with the station) and there is a fee attached to this. This can only be booked through the call centre and they will be able to confirm availability and price. The number is +49 (0)1805 217702.

    I’ll also pass on your feedback regarding opening times.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


  8. Sam Says:

    Since moving to France I travel regularly to UK on pleasure / business and now I can get there in half the time on Eurostar.

    I was really surprised when I recently discovered Ebbsfleet station it will be so much easier than the laborious route through London. I would like to hire a car a collect it from Ebbsfleet station so I can just carry on up the M25. How do I get to the car hire from Ebbsfleet? Is it just pick-up only? Thanks very much!

  9. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Sam, there is an Avis rental office actually in the station. Here is a link to information about the office on our website:

    Does this give you the information you need?


  10. terry Says:

    Like you i now Travel on a regularly from EBBSFLEET .I have found a great Hotel 5mins from station fast Track free bus stops right outside.Great 3 star hotel Lovely rooms first class Bar and can find it at is it not on eurostar site?hope this is of use.regards Terry

  11. Stephen Spiers - Avis UK Customer Services Says:


    Thanks for the recommendation. I hope this is of use to our readers.


  12. Mike Says:

    HI Stephen,
    Is it still possible to get free shuttle bus from the overcliffe hotel gravesend, to your Ebbsfleet office? Mike.

  13. LWilkinson Says:

    Hi Mike – this is unfortunately not possible. You would have to either get a taxi or go on the public bus or train to get to the Ebbsfleet office. Sorry this is not the answer you were hoping for. Best regards, Lucy

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