This is my first ever blog post and I have to say that I’m excited by the prospect of being able to communicate with our customers in this way! As Head of Fleet Optimisation, the Holy Grail for my team and me is accurately “guessing” your requirements: when and where you want to rent, how many of you will rent and what type of car you’ll want.

In terms of what car you can choose at Avis, I recognise that a great product will play a large part in your decision to come back to Avis. In an effort to ensure our fleet is fresh and up to date, we have recently launched the new Fiat Bravo. I know Paul has mentioned it before, but this car is important to Fiat as they say it showcases their huge push on quality (first impressions and feedback are very good). What he didn’t tell you is that it comes with an amazing new 1.4 litre engine which produces 150 Bhp! I am also pleased to announce that we have just introduced some of the new Ford Mondeos on to our fleet. I know from reading the comments on this blog that this should excite some of our customers (although I should point out that we only have a limited quantity at the moment).

“Coming Soon” (November) is the new Mercedes C Class. We currently have a demonstrator from Mercedes and it seems hard to find a car that is more comfortable to drive. Later in November Renault will launch the new Laguna (Renault have chosen Avis as its launch partner). The new Laguna is a huge leap forward in terms of quality (and quality feel), which I experienced at their launch event in Austria (tough job but someone has to do it).

Hopefully I’ll be invited to write again soon where I can tell you more about our cars, some of the challenges we face and how we try to get the best product for our customers. In the meantime, please let me know your feedback on our fleet and our ability to provide the car you want when you want it.

Many thanks for your time!

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8 Responses to “Coming soon: the new Mondeo and Laguna”

  1. Robert Says:

    that Marcus.
    Happy to hear the new Mondeo has arrived at Avis, as last time I asked about this (a couple of months ago) I was told there were no plans at the time to introduce it…
    So what group will it full into? Will there be Manuals and Auto? Diesel’s?
    The Fiat Bravo by the way, although you have had it around for a while, I have never seen one, not at LHR anyway, nor does it appear on the website, so trying to rent one is almost impossible.

    As for the new Renault Laguna, well… that does not excite me too much.
    I was a fun of the old model, and after seeing the new one at the Frankfort motor show in September, I was very disappointed with it.
    As are the car magazine reviews as well by the way.
    I was most amazed by how hard the seats were, not like Renault at all!
    And the design, well nothing to write home about either.
    Well, I guess I might have to try it out for myself anyway…

    Kind regards,

  2. Robert Says:

    I meant “Thanks Marcus” of course…

    And by the way, you might want to check that link the web team have put for the Mondeo, it’s for the old model!!!

    (I’m sure I am suffering from some deja vu…)

  3. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Robert, I don’t know much about the Laguna but Marcus used to work at Renault and he is really excited about the new Laguna!

    There are about 170 Fiat Bravos currently on fleet. This is quite a small % compared to the Ford Focus and Peugeot 307. Unfortunately our cars move all over the place so it is difficult to pinpoint where all our Bravos are at the moment.

    With regards to the Mondeo, they are in the Large: Standard Plus group. The exact model is Edge PFI 2.0 (fuel type is petrol).


  4. Robert Says:

    Cheers Rob,
    Looking at my post and the spelling, one can tell I wrote it after a 2 hour sleep that night and a long trade fair!
    Although I am half a foreigner so I have a good excuse…

    Any idea what model C class will be offered?

  5. Robert White - Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Robert

    We will be getting the 2.0 C180. I should also note that for the next 6 to 7 months we will have both the new and old style C class on our fleet.


  6. Xavier Vallée, Head of Marketing, Avis UK Says:


    I was lucky enough to test drive the new C Class for a day. It’s really a great car. Beautiful design, practical and lovely to drive. The driving dynamics have really improved from the previous model. I can’t wait to have in the fleet for our customers. We’ll let you know when it’s available and please feel free to let us know what you think when you’ve tried one!



  7. Robert Says:

    I noticed today that the cars in Large standard and standard plus have been changed.
    Your showing the Vectra in both (on is a 1.8 and one is a 2.0) bit boring… :-)
    Glad they are about to be replaced soon with what seems like a great looking car, the InsigniaI also noticed you don’t list the 407 at all anymore, so are they no longer on the fleet?

    The 2.0L Mondeo in the Large Standard plus group, is it a Diesel or Petrol?
    And finally, the Large Standard plus auto only lists the VW Passat SW now, so is this really the only option in this class? No standard auto car if someone doesn’t want an Estate?


  8. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Robert, I’m looking forward to the Insignia too. There are some 407s but very, very few know. We advertise the Vectra as having the highest volume in those car categories but we do also have fair few Mondeos, Accords, Lagunas and Jettas in the Standard Plus group. The Mondeos in the Standard Plus group are petrols.

    As for the auto Standard Plus, this clearly needs updating again – thanks for the heads up! We have Lagunas and Vectras and some small volumes of other cars in this category. And only a relatively small % of the Passat are estates!


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