Just a quick note today about additional drivers as we’ve had a few questions on the blog about it in the past. I guess it’s pretty much common sense that when you rent a car, only the named driver on the booking is generally covered to drive it. However, it is possible to add additional drivers (as many as you want!) on to the rental so you can share the driving between your friends and family. In the UK this costs £23.50 per driver per rental (but is included free of charge if you opt for Premier Cover). One thing I should note on this is that all additional drivers need to be present when picking up the car to present both parts of their driver’s licence. If in hindsight you decide to share the drivng load, you can always pop into any Avis location during the hire period and add other drivers. Again, you just need to make sure they have both parts of their licence

If you have booked a car to rent in the US then here is a tip for you: your spouse can be added as an additional driver for free! Let me know if you have any questions regarding this product.

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82 Responses to “Additional Driver”

  1. Richard Lewis Says:

    Your web site is perfectly awful. You can spend hours on it trying to get a quote and it never works. At the very least it is not clear how it works. Clean it up!

  2. Robert Says:

    Sorry, but I actually think the avis uk site is one of the better car rental websites around.
    Not that it can’t be improved, but there really isn’t much wrong with it either.
    You tried their competitor websites lately?

    It always works for me, and I have never had a problem with it.
    Put in the pickup location, dates etc and I get a quote within 5 seconds.

  3. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Robert, I’m hurt that you have been trying our competitor websites! ;) Thank you for the positive feedback. As you say there is always room for improvement and we welcome any ideas.

    Richard, are you able to provide any further feedback on our website so that we can understand better how we can improve the experience for you? Are you finding the website difficult or confusing to navigate or are you finding the website to be unreliable?

    I’m interested in your thoughts.


  4. Pedro Barros Prata Says:

    I think that AVIS web site is one of the best. Like Robert says, it works in seconds, when making a reservation. I made on line resrvations several times in the last years (USA, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, etc)and they allways went very good. And Rob, I also tried other important Rental Companies, such as Hertz, but I allways stay with Avis.
    And that’s because I relly 99% on AVIS; even if I have to pay a little more.
    As for the “aditional driver” issue, I allways rent with the maximum insurance benefits and without any fee for me to pay in case of accident/Theft.
    So, I think that, in these cases, Avis shouldn’t take any money for an additional driver, just confirming, at the time of the rental, who is the aditional driver and his/her data.
    Best regards
    Pedro Prata

  5. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Pedro, thank you for taking the time to write your feedback. It is very much appreciated! :)

    Let me know if you have any other thoughts or suggestions!


  6. Chris Says:

    Hello. Could you please provide some additional information on how I can have my spouse added to my rental as an additional driver, for free, for an upcoming rental we have in the US? If previous experience is anything to go by, the rental clerk at the US Avis location probably won’t know of this perk to UK customers!


  7. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Chris, this policy is standard in the US so there should be problem the rental agent knowing about the policy. However, we can add a note to your rental to say you would like an additional driver added. If you would like me to do this then simply email me at comments@avis.co.uk and I’ll arrange to have this added to your booking?


  8. Mark Says:

    Hi – please can anyone tell me how much it would cost to add my wife as an additional driver for a 7-day rental from Pisa Airport, 1/11/08-8/11/08 [15:00-15:00], renting a Fiat Punto 1.2/Opel Corsa or similar?

    Also, what would be the cost of “Premier Cover” or the local equivalent, to reduce the Theft and Damage Excess charges?

    It seems odd that these prices can’t be shown on the quote. I’m not keen on signing up without knowing the full costs.


  9. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Mark, Additional Driver costs €27 for the week. The price of Premier Cover (or Super Collision Damage Waiver as it is referred to in Italy) is €15.80 per day or €110.60 for the week.

    Let me know if you need anything else. Have a great trip to Italy!


  10. Mark Says:

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the information – I’ve now made a booking, with the additional driver option.

    I’ve made alternative arrangements to cover the excess charges – saving roughly 80%! Perhaps you should look at the competitiveness of your Super CDW product (I’m happy to provide details if you are interested).

    Many thanks again for your help,

  11. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Mark, any info would be great! :) You can email me at comments@avis.co.uk.


  12. Mick Phillips Says:

    Hello. I find it frustrating that when booking online I’m told that additional driver fees will be calculated at place of pick-up. This simply isn’t good enough, because the fees can vary greatly from company to company so I cannot make a decision without that information.

    What’s difficult to understand is that if I google the question, I get an answer pretty quickly – £20 +VAT per rental, which is very competitive – so why can’t this be made clear when booking online?

  13. Stephen Spiers - Avis UK Customer Services Says:

    Hi Mick,

    I have passed your comment onto the web development team to see if this is something we can provide for future bookings.

    Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback.


  14. chris Says:

    Please confirm Stephen Spiers@ note June 13,2008 on adding spouse driver for free in US. Also, what docs to establish spouse are required at pick-up?

  15. Stephen Spiers Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Currently, the prices for additional driver vary in the US, depending on which state you are hiring in. The details are as follows:

    California: No charge
    Nevada: $5.00 per day, per additional driver (No Maximum)
    New York: $3.00 per day, per additional driver (No Maximum)
    All other locations: $9.00 per day, per additional driver, with a maximum charge of $45.00 per driver per rental.

    These charges apply to all additional drivers (unless the additional driver is a spouse – and provides proof of the same address) as long as they are over 25, have a valid driving licence and are present at vehicle collection to sign the additional driver form.

    I hope this helps,


  16. David Says:

    Hi Stephen,

    I’m looking at renting a car from the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas for 3 days in May 2009.

    As you know additional driver costs vary dependent on location, and in a reply in January you mentioned the figure of $5 a day for Nevada, but could you confirm what the additional driver fees are if i pick up and drop off at the Venetian.

    Thanks in advance, can I just say what a great idea the Blog is :)

  17. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi David,

    Stephen has left the business now (sadly for us), so I thought I’d jump in on this one.

    I can confirm that the price of Additional Driver is $5 a day at this location.

    I actually rented an Avis car myself from the Venetian a few weeks ago! The rental desk isn’t branded with Avis signage and the staff are in the Venetian uniform (to keep the whole experience consistent with the Venetian) so it isn’t immediately obvious where the desk is. But if you head to the smaller desk to the right of the main reception desk then you’ll find us there. There is a small wooden sign on the desk to let you know that it is Avis and that you’re on the right place!

    The Venetian is a great hotel! Are you planning to see much in your rental car? I did the most amazing road trip around Utah and Arizona when I was over there!


  18. David Says:

    Hi Rob,

    Many thanks for the very quick reply and sorry for not replying earlier.

    Thanks for the confirmation on the addition driver cost, and the extra information about how to find the rental desk is much appreciated (and a wonderful touch too).

    No big plans for the car, just wanted a few days of pottering around the strip and associated areas.

    A agree with the amazing monicker for Arizona. Did a Arizona – Nevada – Calif road trip last December and the scenery is wonderful. Managed to get delayed in Las Vegas due to snow too on Dec 17th and ended up missing my flight from LA to London (and that is another story).

    I’m wibbling a bit, so let me finish by once again thanking you the the quick and detailed response, it really is much appreciated.


  19. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Blimey, sounds like quite the trip!

    I hope you have a great time in Vegas. Thankfully there shouldn’t be any snow there this time of year!


  20. Ika Says:


    I just wandering. Can I rent a car with the additional driver take most of the drive as I am pregnant and my husband do not have credit card but only debit cards.

  21. Chris Cox- Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Ika,

    In which country are you planning to rent? Most of our European offices do accept Visa and Mastercard Debit cards (providing they are just Debit cards not Solo, Switch, Electron or Maestro etc).
    If not then you could be the main driver as you have the credit card and your husband the additional driver. He would then be able to do all the driving if so required!
    I hope that helps


  22. alan Says:

    What is the charge for adding my partner as an additional driver for 11 days in florida?

  23. Chris Cox- Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Alan,

    In the USA if the additional driver is your partner or spouse and you present proof of a shared address then there is no extra charge for the additional driver. If not then the charge would be $11 per day up to a maximum of $55 per rental.
    I hope that helps.


  24. Dave Says:


    Back with another question I’m afraid. (buy the way booked the rental for the Venetian, thanks for the replies)

    I need to book a one-way rental from SFO to LAX, got a great qupte from the site, but before booking wondered:
    Is there any additional driver charge? (non-spouse)
    Is there a one-way rental charge?
    Is there a daily mileage allowance or unlimited mileage?

    Many Thanks


  25. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Dave, great to hear from you again!

    Yes the rate will include unlimited mileage (unless you book a special rate somewhere where mileage limited!). I’ve just got a quote on-line and looks like there is no one-way fee at the moment either.

    Additional driver at this location is $9 a day up to a maximum of $45.

    Let me know if you need anything else!


  26. Dave Says:

    Hi Rob,

    Thanks once again for the quick reply.

    Great news about there being no one-way fee, however I was suprised at the extra driver fee. Although I am glad I asked tthe question.

    Chris previously mentioned on a previous reply on the 29th Jan that there was no extra fee in California for additional drivers.

    Could I ask if this could be checked again for me please, as we will only be renting for 5 days and the $45 adds a significant amount to the rental.

    Many Thanks


  27. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    No you’re right, Dave. I’ve just double checked and there is no additional driver charge in California. I missed the note on our system! Apologies… I usually let Chris answer these type of questions as he is our reservations expert but he isn’t in the office today. I’ll try to stick to what I know in future!


  28. Chris Cox- Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Dave,

    In California there isn’t a charge for the additional driver so rest assured you won’t have to pay anything. Regarding the rate generally all leisure rates in the USA come with unlimited mileage, on the internet it should have specified that information but if it didn’t then if you let me know your dates of travel I’ll double check for you to be 100% sure. Finally between SFO and LAX there isn’t a one way fee either so there’s no extra for that.
    I hope that helps


  29. Dave Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Many Thanks for the reply, it put my mind at rest, so armed with my credit card I went to avis.co.uk to make a booking last night, only to find the class of vehicle I was looking to hire is not appearing on the list (it was on Friday).

    I’ve put my work email to this comment, could you contact me on that and I can give you all the details for what I’m looking to book.

    Many Thanks


  30. Chris Cox- Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Dave,

    I’ve got your work’s email address now so I’ll email you directly very shortly.


  31. Jon Says:

    Hi Chris,

    I have a similar query to Dave.
    I am looking to book a One-Way rental with an additional driver from Santa Barbara to San Francisco(both downtown locations)
    It is for 3 days in October.
    I’ve been quoted a very reasonable rate of around £75
    and was wondering if any extra fees would apply?

    Many Thanks,


  32. Chris Cox- Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Jon,

    Again as this is a California pick up there would be no extra charge for the additional driver. Also between these 2 offices there is no one way fee either so the price you have seen is all inclusive.

    I hope that helps


  33. Jon Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your help, Will go ahead and book this later on.


  34. Jon Says:

    Hi Chris,

    Sorry to bother you again but I have tried to book the aforementioned hire today however it fails when I reach the final confirmation stage.
    I am attempting to take the pay now option.
    Do you have any idea why this would happen?

    Kind regards,


  35. Chris Cox- Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Jon,

    I’ll send you an email to your personal address shortly to get more details regarding this so we can try and fix the issue for you.

    Speak soon


  36. alan Says:

    When adding my partner as an additional driver in florida, should i declare it on the online booking form or just wait until i arrive at my destination?

  37. Chris Cox- Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Alan,

    It is entirely up to you, if you are arriving together then you can do it at the desk when you are signing the rental agreement. As there will be no charge for this and the internet won’t charge you when adding it on online anyway it’s entirely up to you when you do it.

    I hope that helps


  38. Alastair Says:

    Hi Chris,

    First time car rental customer here. Just wanted to say thanks to Avis for having this kind of personalised service, very unique in this day and age.

    I would just like to know what the additional driver charge would be for a rental from Las Vegas to San Diego?

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  39. Chris Cox- Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Alastair,

    The additional driver charge is free is the additional driver is your partner or spouse. If not then it would be $5 per day. This doesn’t have an upper limit so would apply per rental day.
    Many thanks for the feedback and I hope that helps


  40. Alastair Says:

    Hi Chris!

    Thanks for the info mate, much appreciated.

    All the best,

  41. Nadine Hill Says:

    Just wondering if you can confirm that the additional driver as spouse is also Free renting in Halifax Airport Canada, what if anything do we need to take as proof? Thanks

  42. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Nadine,

    Yes the additional driver is free for spouses in Canada. If you have any proof of shared address etc then you could take it along with you to ensure a problem free pick up.

  43. Paula Says:

    I was wondering exactly why Avis charges for an additional driver other than a spouse or life partner in the US. I’ve heard that is has something to do with liability insurance.

    As the renter, I’m fully responsible for any damage caused to the car, whether I’m driving it or not. I can understand that all additional drivers need to be authorized and listed on my contract… but why the extra fee? Thanks!

  44. Jeremy Says:

    I was wondering why you keep offering me a car for 15 pounds a day right up until I try to book it; when it becomes over 23 pound per day

  45. Rob White- Marketing Manager, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Paula, one reason is, as you mention, because of the additional risk with multiple drivers, which has the potential for more driver miles and higher risk of incident. This is similar to other motor insurance policies where additional drivers can increase the premium. Also the charge covers the administration involved in validating more than one license and listing on the contract.


  46. Rob White- Marketing Manager, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Jeremy, the price will depend on location and dates you are trying to book. For example, I just got a quote for a 3-day weekend at Sheffield to be collected on the 31st of July and the price came out at £14 per day.

    If you could let me know what locations and dates you are trying to book, then I can take a look at this for you.


  47. Mark Says:

    I’ve booked a car for Pisa next Sunday and when the I printed the voucher it had my wife’s name as the driver even though I entered my details. I do recall the site asking me for details of any possible additional drivers (I put my wife’s name in here). This was a potential option a couple of months back, but we decided we weren’t going to take it up locally in the end. The customer services said it was impossible for me to have done this and I would have to sort out locally. I did all this via the Airmiles site. I don’t want to add myself as an additional driver and pay a charge (I wouldn’t have added my wife in the first place if this was the case). I just want me as the main driver as I originally intended. Can you help?. Thanks.

  48. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Can you send me your reservation number please and I’ll see what I can do.


  49. Mark Says:

    Hi Chris

    I’ve e-mailed the reservation number to comments@avis.co.uk.

    Is this ok?

  50. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Mark, yes we received your email. Chris is in touch with the team in Pisa and will get back to you as soon as he gets an answer from them.


  51. Mark Says:

    Thanks to both Chris and Rob for taking the time to sort this out.
    Hopefully everything will be okay when we get there now, but I just wanted to let everyone on this blog know that it has been a first class service provided by Avis up until now.
    Thanks Again!

  52. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Mark, thanks for taking the time to write the kind words (although I personally didn’t do a lot – it was all Chris!).

    Anyway, have a great trip to Pisa!


  53. Car Shipping Says:

    Hopefully everything will be okay when we get there now, but I just wanted to let everyone on this blog know that it has been a first class service provided by Avis up until now.

  54. Christopher Says:

    Back in post #9, you mentioned a cost of €27 to add an extra driver for a week out of Pisa airport. Well, I have just been charged €69.96 by Avis at Pisa airport to have my wife as an extra driver for a 9 day rental in a regular compact Fiat Bravo (and yes, the extra driver request was logged on my pre-paid – Avis shareholder – reservation). I queried the high sum, but naturally got nowhere. €5 or 6 a day, fine – but €69.96 for 9 days does tend to make the final rental cost look less competitive than the original quote. The fact that Avis Pisa also declined to accept that my supposedly fully inclusive (minus the extra driver) pre-payment actually covered their rental fee, and elected to charge a further unexplained €12.37 to my credit card, just added insult to injury…

  55. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Christopher, the Additional Driver charge has increased since that comment was posted but we can investigate to verify the pricing has been applied correctly. If you could send me your rental agreement number to comments@avis.co.uk, we can look at this as well as the unexplained charge.


  56. Christopher Says:

    Thanks for the speedy reply. Rest assured, I do appreciate that prices go up – it’s just that €7.77 a day is much more than I’ve ever paid with Avis (or its competitors), and it’s all the more frustrating when the Avis website won’t tell you what the charge will be when you make a booking. In this case, the charge for one extra driver added 30% to the cost of the rental! Anyway, many thanks for offering to check the numbers – I’m e-mailing the details to you.

  57. Christopher Says:

    Rob (and Sue) – many thanks for sorting this out today. Great service and much appreciated.

  58. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    No worries Christopher. Glad we could get this sorted for you and I’ll pass on the message to Sue!

  59. Rich Alderton Says:


    Long-time Hertz renter, about to jump ship to Avis for the first time…

    I can’t find the answer to this question on your website, so hoping one of you can help me.

    When I specify to the booking tool that I will be making a one-way reservation, does it *guarantee* that all one-way fees are included in the rate shown? Does this vary with pre/ post-pay? (Can you tell, I’ve been burned before ;) ?)

    I’m specifically looking at a 3-day rental next week between Jersey City and JFK airport. Very nice rates.

    Also, can you confirm that British Airways Executive Club members get a free additional driver worldwide? Do I just use the BA AWD to get this?

    Thanks in advance,


  60. Rich Alderton Says:

    Drat. I meant to post this in the ‘Renting a car one-way’ post. Sorry!

  61. Tracey Turton Says:

    Hello Rob,

    I posted a comment earlier today byt it hasn’t been acknowledged by email or put onto the blog.
    We have waited over 4 weeks now since our original dispute was logged regarding excess charges taken from our credit card amounting to almost £1000. I have spoken to 2 collegues both of whom have experienced similar problems with Avis in Italy. Please could you explain why it takes so long to investigate a dispute and why if customer service is so important to you, customers are repeatedly subject to what is starting to look like an illegal scam. No-one has even had the courtesy to update us on progress (or lack of). I look forward to your reply,

  62. Tracey Turton Says:

    Hello Rob,

    Just another observation- why have all the previous negative comments that were on the blog ‘disappeared’, including my comment which was originally shown. I thought the point of this blog was to be transparent and not to cut out unfavourable or negative comments.


  63. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Tracey, apologies that your comments have only just been approved. It’s been a nightmare day in the office and have only just got round to doing it.
    Unfortunately I am at home at the moment so I am not able to follow up your query right now but I promise to do so first thing in the morning and will ask the customer support team to update you on this asap.

    I can assure you that we have never deleted a comment because it was not favourable – it is one of our number one rules for the blog. I’ve done a search through our comments and the only one I can find from you previously is this one posted on the 23rd of September: http://wetryharder.co.uk/?p=18#comment-8221. Are there others that you have posted that are missing? I’ll also double check our inbox which holds a record of every single comment that has been posted.


  64. Rob White- Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Tracey, I’m just posting a quick update to let you know that I’ve followed this up with the customer support team to get you an update ASAP. Because it is an overseas damage query we are dependent on the team in Italy (who will be dependent on the 3rd parties they are dealing with) in getting you an answer but our team will push them to get an answer for you soon as they can.

    I also had a look through the inbox and I couldn’t find any other comments posted by you that may have been deleted. I’m not sure what has happened!


  65. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Rich,

    Welcome aboard! I hope we can convince you stay with Avis from now on.
    Which booking tool are you using by the way? Between Jersey City and JFK there isn’t actually a one way fee so you don’t have to worry about it for this reservation. If you are booking via avis.co.uk then the rates will always include the one way fees. When you are looking at the price inclusions it will clearly tell you that the price does include the one way fee if one is applicable). If you have any doubts you can always call the central res team on 08445 818181 who will be happy to give you the complete break down of the price and its inclusions.
    The one way will either always be applicable or not, pre or post payment doesn’t affect this.
    British Airways members do get a free additional driver, airmiles and also good discounts worldwide so ensure you always quote the AWD and put your BA Executive Club membership number in the booking.
    I hope this helps

  66. Rich Alderton Says:

    Thanks for the quick response Chris. (This blog and your clear effort to engage with customers is a major reason for me trying out Avis ^. )

    I’m using avis.co.uk.

    Having done a dummy booking I see now that where a one-way fee *is* applicable, it appears on the cost breakdown. But where there’s no fee (as in this case), it obviously doesnt appear. It would be nice to have the reassurance though. Maybe something for the web guys to think about?

    Thanks for the reassurance. I’m off to book now :)

  67. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Rich,

    Great suggestion. I’ve passed the comments onto our web team to see whether they can alter this as transparency and “simple to understand” are key objectives for us as a company.
    Thanks for the feedback and for your kind comments. I hope we can keep you a loyal customer for years to come :)
    If you need any more help don’t hesitate to ask.

  68. Chris S Says:

    Could someone advise on additional spouse driver in Chile (Punte Arenas) and also if BA Exec Club membership affects any charge.Thanks.

  69. Chris Cox - Reservations, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Chris,

    There is no additional charge for an additional driver in Chile.
    Renting a car with Avis as a BA Exec membership will give you airmiles: 3 per pound that you spend. Make sure you include your frequent traveller number in the booking. You can also sometimes get a discount as a BA member but this will vary depending upon the country and time of year that you rent.
    I hope that helps


  70. Paul Says:

    Hi there,The saga of the free additional driver continues.Tried booking for Orlando.Price given for hire, then box has to be ticked under ‘optional accesories’ is ‘additional driver’ and then directly underneath it states ‘price will be confirmed at pick up’
    This wording does not give me any confidence of your assurance of spouses being free additional driver.Anyway,next web page loops back to first booking page.You really need to make life simpler.

  71. Sara Bergamo - Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your comments and feedback.

    With regards to the additional driver you are correct, spouses do go free in the states. We are looking into the possibility of adding a message explaining this.

    I’ve also tried to replicate the issue on the booking process but didn’t have any problem in completing the reservation. If you can provide me with more details on the steps you took I will have another look.

    Thanks again for your feedback and I hope the above answers your questions. If you have any other questions please let me know.


  72. Alastair Says:

    I am trying to book a car rental for this summer in the UK using the avis.ca web-site. I used to use the Starwood awd rate code but would prefer to use BA awd rate codes. Unfortunately I cannot find a BA awd either on BA’s web-site or on the Canadian web-site. Is it possible to obtain an British Airways awd for a Silver member?

    My other concern is arriving in the UK and finding that the dollar amount I had agreed to for the rental when making the on-line reservation had been taken and had a pounds symbol placed in front of it rather than being properly converted to pounds sterling. I would like to be able to pay for the car rental at the time I reserve the vehicle on line. I cannot seem to find this option in my Avis Preferred membership. The past two trips have necessitated 30 minute delays in both picking up and dropping off the vehicle because of this error (and I was not even offered the 20 pound refund and it was not advertised either). Didn’t know about it until my wife mentioned it after reading the Avis.co.uk web-site!

    Any assistance would be appreciated.


  73. Vicki Wilson - Marketing, Avis UK Says:

    Hi Alastair

    Thank you for your blog comment and apologies in the delay in responding to your questions.

    In regards to your questions about booking as an BA customer, if you call up our call centre and make your booking through them they will be able to put this through and link it to your BA account. I do not have the code for this. The number for the UK call centre is 08445 818181.

    Your question regarding pre-pay rental rates and whether they are guaranteed from point if purchase is a slightly complex one. The rental element of the rate is invariably guaranteed at the sterling rate quoted, but certain other elements of the total rate, eg airport fees, licence vehicle fees etc, may be subject to currency fluctuations as they are loaded in the currency of rental, not in the currency of quotation.

    I hope this helps and answers your questions, but if you would like any more information please let me know.


  74. Vicki Wilson - Marketing, Avis UK Says:


    Sorry I forgot to mention our 3 minute promise, this is something we offer to our Avis Preferred customers and is currently available at nearly 500 locations worldwide including 33 in the UK. Your wife is correct when she says we do offer £20 to our customers if we do not hit this service, but this is a £20 voucher for domestic customers and international customers will receive a money off voucher.

    If you email me at comments@avis.co.uk with details of your last two rentals in the UK I can look into this for you and see if either of them were our 3 minute promise locations.


  75. Andrea Says:

    My husband is a member of Avis Preferred and we will be travelling to Florida this summer. Usually spouses are automatically included free of charge under the Avis Preferred program, without me having to be present at the counter etc. Is this still the case as the website is asking if we want to add an additional driver.


  76. Michael O'Donnell- Reservations, UK Says:

    Hello Andrea,

    Free additional driver is not usually one of the benefits of the Avis Preferred Service, however in the United States spouses are included free of charge and don’t need to be present at the counter.

    I hope this helps,

    Michael-Avis Support UK

  77. Andrea Says:


    Thanks for the response but I’m a bit confused as according to the Avis Preferred Rental T&C’s Section Rentals in the USA & Canada section 3C states
    “Expect where otherwise specifically authorised by applicable law, only my spouse, my domestic partner, my employer or a regular fellow employee incidental to business duties may drive the car, by only with my prior permission.”

    I was asking for clarification as when booking the vehicle it asked if I wanted addtional drivers, which it has never done before when booking through Avis preferred.

  78. Michael O'Donnell- Reservations, UK Says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Personal and business partners are always free in North America so this box can be left blank.

    I hope this clears up the confusion


  79. Mike Says:

    I want to hire a car at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas in July, do I pick the car up from the hotel or do I have go elsewhere to pick it up?Thanks

  80. Darren Peacock Says:

    Hello Mike, you are able to book an Avis car for collection from the Venetian Hotel, I have not been myself but I understand that the keys are left with concierge for you to collect. I hope you have a great trip and any tips on driving round Las Vegas would be greatly appreciated.

  81. Louie-m Says:

    I normally use Hertz but am considering using an Avios.com £40 voucher (http://www.avios.com/spend/car-hire) to book 9 days hire with you in Spain next month. However, the additional driver surcharge makes the rate uncompetitive.

    I am also a British Airways Executive Club member (and Avis Preferred via Amex Platinum if that makes any difference) – I believe BA members get one free additional driver.

    Is there any way of combining the Avios.com £40 voucher with the BA free additional driver benefit?

  82. Claire Says:

    Hi Louie,

    Whenever you rent with us you will get an additional driver for free for being BA Executive club, the avios voucher can be redeemed along with the free additional driver, providing it doesn’t state any different terms and conditions on the voucher itself.

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