We have pulled together some top golf courses from across the world to give those of you who enjoy the sport some inspiration whilst on your travels.

1. Cape Kidnappers, New Zealand

For an idyllic landscape and scene, try out Cape Kidnappers in New Zealand. This course is situated on the east coast of the North Island with holes that jut out on the promontories, looking over into the Pacific Ocean.

The grounds are also equipped a stylish clubhouse, spa treatment facility and a master cottage.  Make your way around and explore more of what the grounds have to offer with car hire from New Zealand.

2. Royal County Down, Northern Ireland

For those of you, who are keen golfers, pay a visit to the Royal County Down, a challenging golf course which played host to the Walker Cup Golf Tournament 2007.

Hire a car from Northern Ireland  or catch a ferry to try your skills on this vast course. The location of the course shows off the postcard worthy landscapes of Northern Ireland. Views stretch all the way to the Morne Mountains on one side with the Irish Sea on the other.


3. Green Monkey, Barbados       

For the real Pro golfer, why not try out the luxurious Green Monkey Golf course in Barbados, equipped with three challenging golf courses. Its luxury outlook and best in class facilities, demonstrates world class service for those who enjoy golfing.

Make use of the relaxing spa after a long day on the course. With an array of relaxing spa treatments to choose from, this is definitely an attractive location for both an active and tranquil trip.

4. Turnberry, Scotland

Turnberry Golf Course plays host to two championship courses and has been built on an old WW2 airfield.  It is located on a luxury resort ground surrounded by sea and equipped with a unique group of hotels.

For those of you looking for a family vacation facility, this is the place to visit! To help you get around Scotland pick up your car from Avis.

5. Royal Melbourne, Australia

Widely regarded as one of the best courses in the Southern hemisphere, this 80-year-old course is challenging, yet for those who have a competitive side, is definitely one to visit. Flanked by deep bunkers all round and with tricky greens and slopes, it is one to give a go!


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Driving Abroad: Rules and Regulations

Exploring different roads in other countries is always more exciting when being behind the wheel. However it is always important to know the rules and regulations of the road prior to your journey.

Rules of the road

Road regulations are different in almost every country you go to.  Road etiquettes and driving systems vary across continents such as the USA and Europe.  However, even countries within close vicinity to each other such as France and Spain, have subtle differences which need to be researched before heading on your travels.

It’s not just about driving on the other side of the road which needs to be thought through. There are also rules over how to operate vehicles and how to approach traffic lights.

In Spain and other European countries, Lorries often flash their indicators if it is safe to overtake, whereas on British roads this would rarely occur.

Similarly, some countries use traffic lights as a supplementary traffic calming measure – only stopping at red lights if it is vital to do so (because of oncoming traffic or an obstruction). In the UK, driving through a red light even if there are no other road users would constitute a driving offence.

We’ve gathered some key road rules for a few of the countries to be aware of.


Drive on the right

•Traffic on the right-hand side has priority in built-up areas

• Bus lanes can only be used by buses, bicycles and taxis

•All children under 10 years of age must use a child seat

• Warning triangles, breathalysers and reflective jackets must be kept in vehicles at all times


• Drive on the right

• Traffic on the left-hand side has priority on a roundabout

• School buses should not be overtaken

• Do not leave the vehicle if stopped by the police

• Seat belt laws differ between states so check this before departing


• Drive on the right

• Certain historical areas of Italy cannot be driven in – check these prior to your journey

• All children under 3 years of age or less than 150cm in height must be seated in an appropriate child seat

• Warning triangles and reflective jackets must be kept in vehicles at all times

• Motorway speeds are capped at 80mph (130km/h) unless otherwise stated


• Drive on the left

• Drivers on the right-hand side have priority on roundabouts

• Give way to pedestrians on zebra crossings

• All children under 3 years of age or less than 135cm in height must be sat in a suitable car seat

• Overtaking must be completed using the outer, right-hand lane

To find out more, read from Avis’s road rules for other countries.


The details of this blog post were correct at the time of publication. Offers are subject to change. Please check the website for confirmation.


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Turkey and popular food culture

Turkey has been home to some of the world’s greatest civilisations. For example, the countries capital Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople and before that Byzantium, is one of the world’s largest and most stunning cities. Alongside its history, the country is also home to some of the world’s most extraordinary food. It is a county that knows all about fresh, home cooked cuisine.

We have highlighted a few of our favourites below!

Turkish kebabs

Of course, you can’t go to Turkey and not try a kebab. These are not your average high street kebabs, rather a fresh seasoned wrap filled with vegetables and delicious sauces.

There are lots of different types of kebabs to choose from including the ‘Urfa’ and ‘Adana’; both of which involve spiced meat on skewers being cooked on a flame grill. They are always delicious, especially when served with a Turkish salad and some rice.


In coastal regions of Turkey, each night, the seafront becomes an open air restaurant, lined with fishermen reeling in fresh fish. Their catch is then cooked up on the spot seasoned and served with fresh bread and salad.

For some seafood specialities, try Pazıda Levrek, which includes sea bass cooked in chard leaves. If you are looking to eat with the locals, a popular Turkish fast food dish includes Eminonu, grilled fish served in bread seasoned with herbs and salad to make the most delicious sandwich.

Something Sweet

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, then you need to try out the well-known Baklava. Made with layers of phyllo pastry, filled with pistachio, walnuts and honey, turkish desserts incorporate this treat into a lot of their dishes so be sure you try it out on your culinary tour of the country!



Credit: simplyrecipes.com


Taking a culinary tour of Turkey

To ensure you get to try all the tastes of Turkey, pick up your car on arrival to get around. Giving you the freedom to travel across this wonderful country, you’ll get to sample all the different food on offer. Each region has a different speciality that has to be sampled and with your own transport you can take the time needed to savour every mouthful.

For more information take a look at the official Tourism Portal of Turkey to learn more about their exciting cuisine and other attractions.

The details of this blog post were correct at the time of publication. Offers are subject to change. Please check the website for confirmation.



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This blog post marks the final chapter Avis best road trips in the World series.  It will explore road trips to; the Scottish Highlands, the Cotswolds and Provence.

 8. The Scottish Highlands, Scotland

The Scottish Highlands is a beautiful historical place with hills, luscious green landscapes and national parks. This location is also well known for its rich historical landmarks, castles such as: Balnagown Castle, Brodie Castle and Carbisdale Castle, just to name a few.

You can start your road trip in Edinburgh and cross the iconic Forth Road Bridge towards Perth. From there head up into the Grampian Mountains and enjoy the spectacular scenery – woodlands and beautiful river valleys.

Credit: Scotlinetours.com

 9.  The Cotswolds, Cirencester 

The Cotswold is said to be one of the most visited places in England. It is surrounded by quintessentially English towns such as:  Gloucester, Cirencester, Tewkesbury and Cheltenham.

The roads surrounding these towns are said to have existed in the time of the Roman occupation of Britain. Visit the local churches and get to know the history of this astounding region. Take a pit stop every once and a while at the numerous historical landmark such as Berkeley Castle, Buscot Park, Blenheim Palace and many more.

10. Provence, France

If you are looking for a relaxing exploration of a beautiful European destination, then why not visit Provence. An area littered with countless picturesque villages perched on hilltops and is located in the south-eastern part of France.  Start your road trip from Lyon and head south bound. Drive through Valence, Montélimar and Avignon and arrive at Aix-en-Provence and begin touring the Provence region.

Visit during the summer and stop by the cities of Arles, Aix and Avignon.  Seek out the Ancient City of Le Beaux which is built on a large rock and experience the breath-taking and spectacular view.

We hope you have enjoyed our top ten road trips ideas that will inspire you to take on your own traveling adventure!

The details of this blog post were correct at the time of publication. Offers are subject to change. Please check the website for confirmation.
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Welcome to part two of the best road trip destinations. Here in part two, we continue our search for the very best road trip destinations in the world. Each of the locations has special landmarks with breath-taking views to match.

4. Amalfi Drive, Italy

This winding mountain road displays some of the most stunning, cinematic like scenery in Europe. Travel round the S- shaped road with your Avis car looking over the southern Italian houses carved into the mountain. The route is narrow with only a 3-foot wall separating you from steep mountainous drops on the other side, so this is definitely a road for leisurely drivers as opposed to speed demons. Take your time and enjoy the 360 degree views of this romantic getaway destination.

Credit: Walks of Italy

 5. Pacific Coast Highway, USA

Take a drive through the Pacific Coast Highway which runs down the length of the west coast of the US, bordering the mighty Pacific Ocean. At about 1,000 kilometers in length, this is a leisurely trip that takes you through San Francisco and LA.

Along the way you can also sample the sights and sounds of California, including the wine growing region and famous beaches of Malibu.  If you enjoy surfing, take a moment to discover Zuma beach by heading further up north in the Malibu beach region.

6. Great Ocean Road, Australia

Driving through Melbourne from Adelaide offers an abundance of sites to explore.  Hit the road with car rental in Adelaide and enjoy the scenic route. It boasts a range of iconic surfing spots including Bells beach, Haven of Lorne and the glorious Twelve Apostle rock formation.

Enjoy the scenery when passing through Eucalyptus forests, complete with koalas. For amazing photographic scenes take out your camera and start snapping when you reach the Great Ocean Road.

7. Atlantic Road, Norway

The Atlantic road is a well-known natural tourist route in Norway. Whilst this stretch of road might be less than ten kilometres long, it plays host to both beautiful nature and architecture.  Opened in 1989, the road passes over the Hustadvika, a picturesque area with beautiful views.

On calm days you can even catch sight of whales swimming just off the coast or take a pit stop for a spot of fishing.  Try visiting this location in July as the road is also famous for its annual jazz festival at this time.

Stay tuned for more about the best road trip series, brought to you by Avis.

The details of this blog post were correct at the time of publication. Offers are subject to change. Please check the website for confirmation.
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