The north of Spain is a spectacular area to visit. It is littered with beautiful beaches, mountainous terrain, lots of sites and great food.

To help you on your travels here are a few destinations to visit.


The capital of this area is known as Oviedo and is famous for its festivals and lively ambience during the year. One of the most popular events in the calendar is that of San Mateo in September, where the area becomes alive with outdoor activities.

Around the coastline there are a number of quaint ports which are pretty pit stops on your travels. Visit Ribadesella, an attractive fishing port, filled with some great bars and restaurants within its labyrinth layout. Be sure to try out the fresh fish dishes such as “centolla” (crab) and “lubina” (sea bass), just to name a few.


Cantabria is centred on the city named Santander, a modern and elegant capital. Belonging to “Green Spain” or the Costa Verde as it is well known as, this region is filled with a lush terrain and vegetation. There is an array of activities to choose from such as visiting the beach to bird watching or wondering through historical sites. From is rich ambience it is also a great place to enjoy a bit of pampering and luxury such as spa visits, a wonder around the quaint boutiques and gourmet dinners.


This area is ideal for an all-round visit. It has beautiful beaches, avant-garde architecture and some of the world’s finest food. It plays host to some stunning coastal destinations with well-known pit stops such as: San Sebastián, Zarautz and Getxo, as well as further inland cities including Vitoria and Bilbao. For a bit of modern culture, take a trip to Bilbao and visit the innovative Guggnheim Museum and the Kursaal Auditorium in San Sebastián which plays host to the International Film Festival each year.

To ensure that you get to see all that Northern Spain has to offer, rent a car from Avis to help you get around on your explorations. If you are looking for sites, sea and a bit of sunny adventure, this is definitely the place for you.

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Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands, consisting of four provinces: Chania, Rethimno, Heraklion and Lasithi.

It is a popular destination for its sea and beaches, and has a distinct reminiscence of its ancient culture from the Roman and Turkish empires. With its wide variety of landscapes, it is a popular holiday destination for tourism.

There is no shortage of activities on the island, so be sure you experience them all by picking up your car in Crete and enjoy everything the island has to offer.

Mythological and historical stories are a very poignant part of Crete’s ambience. There is an abundance of sites to visit and explore, each having their own story. Take a wonder through the Palace of Knossos, which is covered by frescos and ceramics, or visit the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, which plays host to an extensive collection of Minoan art and history.

Take a wonder through the Palace of Knossos, which is covered by frescos and ceramics. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, which plays host to an extensive collection of Minoan art and history.

If you are a fan of Greek mythology, then Crete is definitely a place for you to visit. It was birthplace to the gods, historical heroes, poets, radical ancient figures and is full of artefacts. There are many caves across the island which were once used to worship the Gods, such as the ‘Cave of Zeus’. It was believed that this cave was the hiding place of the infant Zeus in order to protect him from his father Cronus.

If you are traveling with family, the Crete aquarium is a great place to visit. Located on the edge of a former U.S. air force station, it hosts over 2,500 specimens from over 200 species of fish in the Mediterranean.

There are countless beaches, caves and coves along over 600 miles of coast. Take a drive down to Vai and Balos where the beaches are pure white sand and crystal clear waters.

For a change of scenery visit Kournas Lake, the only freshwater lake in Crete. It lies within a valley surrounded by hills about 4km from Georgioupolis in the Chania province.

Crete also has what is known as the ‘Mediterranean diet’ thought of as one of the healthiest diets in Greece. Sample some of the islands cuisine on the sea side taverns such as stuffed vine leaves, fresh deep fried squid and the honey tasting baklava.

If you are looking for somewhere to relax and soak up the sun, then Crete is definitely the place for you!

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The city of Edinburgh is full of charm and charisma, a mixture of old gothic styled architecture and modern vibrant activities. From the bustling shopping streets, filled with some of your favourite brands, to the winding roads leading up to the castle, Edinburgh is a great city to visit.

Illustration by: Hormazd Narielwalla

Within the summer months, Edinburgh plays host to the biggest arts festival in Europe – The Edinburgh International and Fringe Festival. Taking place over 3 weeks you can spend your day’s theatre hopping from one venue to another, experiencing the good, the bad, the weird and the wonderful of the theatre world. See anything from stand up to drama, musicals to experimental productions; it is a great way to spend the end of the summer. The city becomes totally alive with street festivities and activities all making it is a hot spot for tourism during the month of August.

It cannot be ignored that Edinburgh Castle, which is positioned at the top of volcanic rock, is a spectacular venue to view the city. It has an array of museums to visit such as the crown jewels, the Scottish national war museum and three military museums.

The city also has a proud collection of art Galleries, such as the Edinburgh National Gallery, which is housed in three sites around the city (and around 30 exhibitions being displayed at the same time) playing host to many of the countries renowned artists. Visit the Camera Obscura, a Victorian tower which allows you to see panoramic moving images of the city on a viewing table through a giant periscope.

A part of Edinburgh’s ambient is its student body. Edinburgh University is the 3rd most popular university in the UK. It has produced some of the major figures in modern history such as: the naturalist Charles Darwin, physicist James Clerk Maxwell, philosopher David Hume just to name a few. The student atmosphere is really strong during August where everyone gets involved in the fringe festivals, hosting great outdoor events and socials.

If you enjoy the vivacious city life of Edinburgh why not rent a car in Edinburgh and drive to Glasgow, which is only 1 hour away. From bagpipes to shortbread, kilts and castles, Edinburgh is a great place to visit!

For more information on hiring an Avis car in Edinburgh visit the following sites:

Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh City Center

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Located in the heart of Andalucía, Malaga is the capital of the ‘Costa de Sol’. Enjoying almost 300 days of sun a year, the city is a popular destination for holiday-makers. Away from the beautiful weather, Malaga is a very unique city visually, having been influenced by an array of cultures over time, such as; the Romans, Vice Goths and Moors.

If you want to explore the cultural sites of Malaga, start your trip off at one of the most popular landmarks; The Roman Theatre, which is the oldest monument in the city and has remained buried underground for centuries. Very close to the theatre is La Alcazaba, a Roman fortification that gives you a 360 degree view of the city. It was built in the 8th century and it is probably the best-preserved Moorish fortress palace in Spain. If you love panoramic views check out the Gibralfaro Castle, located on a foothill, 130 m high overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Malaga city centre is always full of life throughout the year. In Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square), the city celebrates some of its most popular festivals like the Feria, where people from all over Spain travel to Malaga to spend a few days of dancing, food and fun.

Malaga’s cuisine is very popular and varied. Some of the local hang outs are named as ‘Chiringuitos’ which are located on beaches throughout the Costa del Sol. They serve anything from popular local cuisines, fresh fish dishes, homemade paella and gazpacho.

If you want a bit of the high life, pampering and luxury why not rent a car from Malaga and drive 40 minutes down to Marbella. This popular holiday destination is filled with beautiful beaches, well known golf resorts, and one of the most exclusive marinas areas of Spain, Puerto Banus.

In full, Malaga is filled with an array of activities. From the historical city centre to the luxury life of Marbella, there is always something to see!

For more information about hiring an Avis car in Malaga, visit the following branches:

Malaga Airport

Malaga Train station

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