One of our customers, Robert, posted a great review of the Frankfurt motor show on our blog about the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamic the other day. It was so comprehensive, in fact, that we decided to publish it as a full blog post in it’s own right! Enjoy and let us know if you went to the motor show as well!

Rob White – Marketing, Avis UK

I was lucky enough to visit the show yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed it as always, and I think this year’s is possibly the largest, most lavish there has been so far (well, of the ones I have visited, anyway).

I would agree that this year’s show had a large “electric car” theme to it, which was to be expected, and was very interesting indeed. However, there is still a long way to go and the technology is still in its early days compared to the standard conventional motor car. There were some stunning new cars at the show, I’ll try and mention a few of them that stood out, for me at least. In terms of show stands, BMW most definitely had the most impressive hall, with race tracks running through it, a car “cut walk” etc. It was huge, and if I am not mistaken, I think they had the same hall Mercedes used last year.

As always, some of the more exclusive manufacturers allowed visitors on their stands by invitation only, and I was lucky enough to be invited to visit the Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Jaguar stands.

I thought the new Rolls Ghost is gorgeous, and the first Rolls that would actually appeal to the younger generation (Not that I could afford one in any way….). I had a nice rest in the back of a Phantom, just to see how the other side lives…

Loved the new Jaguar XJ!!! What a different animal to the old one which was lovely but very traditional. The new one is beautiful, though I can see why it wouldn’t be to all tastes, especially the rear. The XF looks stunning as always. They didn’t bother with any X-Types; seems they are going to stop manufacturing them in the next couple of months anyway, and not a minute too soon. Shame they aren’t replacing it though, as if they came out with a “mini” XF to compete in the BMW 3 and Audi A4 category that would be amazing, but no plans right now.

Now, back to earth…
The new Astra is a lovely looking car both inside and out – It basically has the Insignia interior which is a very good thing, and a huge step forward from the old model. I did find it a little cramped in the back, and if I were driving there would be no way anyone my height (6.2) could fit in the back behind me.

The Citroen DS3 is one of the cutest and coolest little cars I have seen in a long time. They come in 4 different colour combinations, so you choose the roof colour and the body colour, (a trend Mini started, (and which has been adopted by the likes of Skoda with the Fabia, and others). I think I would choose this really cool car over the Mini (brilliant fun to drive but too common now), or the 500.

Talking of Mini, they did bring the new Mini concept Coupe convertible which they have promised they are going to make – it’s really cool and makes a nice change from the standard one.

Renault brought the new Fluence to the show. It’s a family salon originally aimed at developing Eastern markets, but I was told they are now considering selling it in Western Europe too. It’s a actually a nice looking car, with the same interior as the Laguna. In fact I was not sure what the point was of offering both cars, and I was told the Fluence was more Megane size then Laguna – Possibly, but it didn’t look that way.

Volvo’s new S60 concept car is a stunner, and the production car due next year is likely to look almost identical. It’s got that 4 door coupe theme going (Ala Merc CLS, Passat CC, A5 etc) and you can definitely spot some styling cues from the XC60 which I think is one of the nicer looking SUV’s on the road.

Saab brought the new 9-5 to the show. This is basically a glorified Vauxhall Insignia. I like the styling, especially from the rear, but the inside is too similar to the Insignia (the steering wheel is identical) and just doesn’t feel special enough. This is a car that starts at £30k and you would have expected a little more from Saab. A bit disappointing, but I’m still interested to see what they will be like to drive.

There were hundreds more cars there of course, from your average family saloons to Lamborghinis and Ferraris, but I’ve tried to sum up the few that actually got my attention for more than just a couple of minutes…

All in all a great show, looking forward to the next one already!


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On Monday 21st September I had the pleasure of attending the Business Traveller Awards 2009. The awards were held at the London Hilton Park Lane and presented by explorer and adventurer Sir Ranulph Fiennes BT OBE.

The event was attended by 450 of the travel industries leading figures including Willie Walsh and the cabin crew from the now famous Virgin TV advert.

Avis did not have to wait long before we won our award, in fact the first award of the ceremony; Avis maintained the award for Best Car Rental Company in Europe 2009.

Not only was I pleased that we had been recognised as the leading Car Rental Company in Europe, but to hear the adventures of Sir Ranulph Fiennes BT OBE and how he has overcome so many personal issues was a true inspiration.

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Porsche PanameraIt looks like Porsche have finally cracked a challenge they’ve been taking on for years: a four seater, four door family car that retains the poise and performance of a classic Porsche. The car I’m talking about is the new Porsche Panamera.

And the car, one of Porsche’s most anticipated in many years, has not been short of rave reviews despite the bold steps that has been taken. Stuart Birch of the Telegraph states that the “steering is beautifully weighted, brakes massively powerful and the transmission/engine duo an invigorating harmony act” while Giles Smith at the Times enthuses “what a relief to find something with the Panamera’s handsome, low-slung lines. In two-wheel drive, as in appearance, the car does a loose but enjoyable impression of a 911″. OK, so some people may not buy into it. They might find it a bit bulky or perhaps not quite grasp it’s place in the market. But I think it looks great and you’d be hard-pressed to find a review that doubts it’s performance.

And in a real coup for Avis, the team in Germany have managed to bring the Porsche Panamera exclusively to their fleet. It even comes equipped with a Bose Surround Sound System. Unfortunately it can only be booked on a purpose-built microsite which happens to be in German. But if you do want to book it and feel confident enough to navigate the language then you can do so by visiting Otherwise you can try our German call centre on +49 1805 55 77 55 (and they do speak English!).

And as the Panarema represents something of a new concept we’d love to hear your feedback. Do you believe that Porsche has nailed the four door family car? Or have they been unable to make the transition? Let us know what you think!

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I’ve just read that Willie Walsh, CEO at British Airways, is due to announce a pledge by airlines, airports and airplane manufacturers to cut carbon emissions to half 2005 levels by 2050. I know that BA hasn’t had the best press over the past couple of years but I’ve been really impressed by Willie Walsh’s efforts to lobby for proactive measures to tackle climate change in the airline industry.

In anticipation of the announcement Willie Walsh declared: “International aviation emissions were not included in the Kyoto protocol 12 years ago. Now we have a chance to rectify that omission, and we must seize it”. Walsh will be joined by senior executives from Qatar Airways, SAS and IATA to unveil the plans at the UN climate summit in New York today.

Also included in these plans are proposals to make all industry growth carbon-neutral by 2020, to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 1.5% each year over the next decade and to submit plans for joining a global carbon trading scheme to the UN by November 2010.

The plans are welcome news with analysts predicting that global aviation emissions could account for 15-20 percent of all CO2 produced in 2050, if left unchecked.

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You may have read recently in a number of newspaper and internet articles about an increase in the cost of renting a car over the summer period, so I thought I would take this chance to explain some of the reasons behind this and provide some tips to find the best rate in the future.

Many of you will have read about why the price of car rental has increased over summer – the recession, lack of finance to buy new fleet, unexpected demand meant a reduction in fleet sizes.

A change in the UK weather and a reduction in prices for overseas holidays added to a surge in last minute bookings in some popular destinations, largely Spain, that had not been forecast by a number of business. This resulted in excess demand and disappointment for a number of customers who had waited till they arrive at there destination to hire a car.

Even though the summer peak period may be over, we will still have a number of peak periods coming up till the end of the year including October half term for schools and the Christmas season. So how can you avoid disappointment in over paying or not being able to find a car? I have listed below my three tips that I hope will help you get the best value car rental:

1) Reserve the car in advance. Cars generally go up in price the closer to the date of pickup so you may find yourself paying a higher price or, worst still, unable to book a car at all.
2) Take advantage of special offers and promotions. We often have a number of promotions available where you could save money. For example we are currently offering 15% off rentals in Ireland, car hire in Spain from £22 per day and UK weekend rates from £14 per day based on a 3 day rental. You can sign up to the Avis newsletter to receive updates on offers to your inbox.
3) When booking your car at or by our call centre, choose the Pay Now option for the best price. Pre Pay rentals receive a discount versus Pay later ones. Some times they are as high as 50% on certain locations depending on when you are picking up the car.

I hope you found this post interesting and helpful.


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Unfortunately I never get to go to the Frankfurt motor show but it is great to be reading all the buzz around some of the electric and hybrid cars on show. Peugeot, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford and Renault were all there to showcase electric-powered concepts while Tesla showed off a Brabus tuned-up Roadster and their upcoming Model S.

There were plenty of hybrid and plug-in hybrids on display also. Toyota look to be expanding their hybrid range to the Auris and GM’s hybrid plug-in, the Ampera, is particularly exciting and is expected to go on sale in the UK in 2012. But the hybrid that has really got me drooling is BMW’s Vision EfficientDynamic concept. BMW claim that the diesel hybrid will hit 0-62 mph in 4.8 seconds while running at 75.1 mpg. Check out this video that I found on Youtube and I think you’ll see what I mean! And let us know if you have any thoughts on the motor show or if you were even lucky enough to go!

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Back in March Rob posted his blog post “What are the United Kingdom’s seven natural wonders?”. While it highlights just how beautiful the British landscape is, I think there are plenty of architectural marvels on our doorsteps also. So today I launch our poll to find out what you think are the UK’s seven man-made wonders. And if your favourites aren’t on the list let us know by posting a comment and we will add them.

PS – we’re going to publish the results of the natural wonders next week so this your last chance to get your vote in for this one as well.

PPS – if you’re interested in visiting any of these places and need a car to get you there then we do currently have an offer on weekend car hire. There is more info on our website:


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Hi, my name is Dan and I am the station leader of Exeter Airport.

Following Darren’s blog post last week, I thought I would write a something to tell you about a new travel option for those visiting the South West by train. We have just opened a new service from Exeter St Davids train station that is really easy and simple to use. For those arriving on the train, we are providing a complimentary taxi transfer from the train station to our rental office where the Exeter team will be able to get you on your way with no fuss. Simply show your taxi receipt to our rental agent and they will take the cost of the taxi off the bill. There is a regular train service from London Paddington to Exeter and it usually takes 2.5 hours. To book just go to and select Exeter St Davids as the rental branch you would like to rent from.

For those of you who have not come to Exeter before let me tell you a little bit about my home city. Exeter is a vibrant university city with loads to do for all tastes. We have an excellent range of shops, all the big high street names as well as many independents. The new Princesshay shopping centre contains over 50 shops and has won prizes for its innovative design. It also contains restaurants and bars for when you need a break!

When you are shopped out there are plenty of things to see. You can walk along the roman wall which dates back to 180 -200AD or take a trip through the underground passages which are medieval aquaducts built in the 12th century. Exeter cathedral is also well worth a visit. Free redcoat tours are available and meet on cathedral green daily.

My personal favorite place is down on the quay which grew around the canal in the late middle ages. It is a great place to sit and watch the world go by or grab a drink and dustbin lid pizza at The Waterfront. After all that pizza you can walk or cycle along the canal all the way to the coast- a really nice way to spend an afternoon.

Hope to see some of you soon.

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So after just finishing the Autumn Bank Holiday, I thought I would share with you my long weekend trip to part of the West Country. My friends and I decided to make the most of our last long weekend this year and escape London. We chose to go to Exeter, none of us had been before and the main reason to go was that a friend was moving there in three weeks to study a Masters degree and crazily had not visited the town.

We packed up my Peugeot 308 with four guys, luggage and a Frisbee (we were hopeful of some sun!), the drive from North London to Exeter was three and a half hours, the journey was comfortable for four grown men, so I can recommend the 308 for this trip. The drive to Exeter was largely motor ways, the M25 and M4 and surprisingly for a bank holiday the traffic was not too bad, just slowed slightly as we got closer to Somerset.

Once we arrived, we went straight to the Hotel to dump our bags and explore the city centre. I found Exeter to be a small town easy to walk around; it had plenty of the high street shops to bag a bargain, but no real boutique stores to explore. We found a nice little café on Cathedral Square for lunch with views of Exeter Cathedral dating back to 1114. Afterwards we headed down to the Quay to rent a canoe to explore the River Ex. I would definitely recommend that you book these in advance as they had a three day advance booking period, probably because it was a bank holiday weekend. We stayed around the Quays for dinner and ate at ‘On the Waterfront’ restaurant a Pizzeria. As a self proclaimed Pizza expert I would recommend visiting the restaurant, good pizza and good value. Staying in the area we headed to the local pub ‘The Prospect Inn’ which had a live band on in a large Marquee by the river.

The following day we decided to jump in the car and explore around the River Ex, we headed down to Exmouth, unfortunately the weather was overcast, so we did not spend long as the tide was in and with no sun the options were limited. So we decided to drive round to the other side of the river to Torquay. Torquay being a larger town had more to offer for an overcast day. We headed to the Barceló Imperial hotel and took the coastal walk, taking us above the English Riviera, even though it was cloudy the views were nice and it was peaceful away from the fruit machines and Ice cream shops.

Back in Exeter for the evening we ate at Michael Caines, a local restaurant also located on Cathedral Square and run by a local Michelin star chef, the meal was good, fresh local food and great value as they had a special promotion running. With no real plans we wandered around Exeter trying out the local pubs till we found one we liked. The ‘Old Fire House’ a pub that served local brewed ale, it had a nice chilled atmosphere, mainly lit with candles and seemed to be a very friendly crowd.

Last day of the long weekend and we hit the road early so we could stop of on the way back for lunch, we had the choice between Bristol and Bath, opting for Bath. Fortunately the journey was easy with barely any traffic till we hit Bath city centre. We managed to get parked although I can imagine if we had arrived much later than 2:30pm we would have struggled. After lunch we went to explore the city, unfortunately we did not have a great deal of time, but Bath is definitely on my list for a future visit and even with a brief experience I would recommend this for a weekend break, with great architecture, good pubs and restaurants and some nice looking shops and galleries.

So in three days we managed to discover a small fraction of the West Country and I know it has a lot more to offer, so would be interested in any tips for my next trip.

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You may have seen me post a few comments on here so I thought I’d take 5 minutes to properly introduce myself and perhaps show you a little insight into life here at the Barcelona call centre. My name is Chris Cox and I am the Trainer for the UK and Dutch markets. But first, to explain my job properly, a little background of the call centre is required.

Here in the call centre (based in the World Trade Centre just overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea!), we receive calls from all across Europe. These calls are from customers wishing to get a quote, book or ask questions about booking car hire with Avis. We have teams that represent 12 European markets and we offer native speakers in the following 8 languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Dutch & Czechoslovakian. There are 5 Trainers, such as myself, and we each look after 2–3 markets depending upon the languages spoken there (although I do admit, however, that I only know about 5 words in Dutch!).

“Induction groups” for new starters are the main bulk of our jobs. In the centre we all communicate in either Spanish or English but most induction groups are done in the agent’s native language. These inductions involve a 2-week training course that aims to give new starters the tools to successfully handle customer calls. Not only do they learn the computer booking system that lets them create the reservations but also the terms and conditions of rentals, the huge and varied fleet, the various markets (a rental in Dehli or Peking is quite different than in Manchester!) and also the basic soft skills (e.g. active listening, identifying the customer’s needs, explaining the often complicated jargon of car rental in simplistic terms, the type of language to use, how to handle angry or upset customers etc) that will aid them whilst on the phone.

This isn’t always the typical day for us trainers however. Depending upon the time of year we might be busy recruiting for the peak season. Or we could be training existing agents to take “overflow” calls (e.g. we train multi-lingual agents about products in other markets so that they are able to take calls for that country when it has a high call volume). We’ve also just introduced a new reservation system which has meant months of testing and a huge amount of work for an awful lot of people (us included!) but the benefits now seem to be coming to fruition.

But sometimes we need to “muck in” ourselves. When it’s really busy we might be up on the 5th floor with all the agents trying to help with any problems, taking calls ourselves or assisting the Team Leaders who never seem to have enough hours in the day either! Avis is also very committed to personal development and another part of our responsibility is delivering the sessions for our internal program of personal development called ARTE. Successful candidates attend workshops on topics like: Time Management, Coaching Skills, Leadership, Change Management, Empowerment, Presentation Skills etc. This generates a “pool” of expert agents who are always first in line when we have internal vacancies. Or we might simply be sat at our desks answering emails (or Blog questions!) working as the main point of contact for our countries, updating internal “help” material with any changes to our products or with new promotions that are launched and generally trying to keep on top of everything.

I hope this helps give you some insight into life in the call centre. And please let me know if you have any feedback about your experience on the phones with one of our agents. We’re absolutely committed to providing the best service we can so any feedback you provide to help us do better is always welcome!

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